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for Obsession-The Remake!

10/26/2021 c1 Bree
It's rare to read a fic w/ a yandere or obviously obsessed Naruto. He's needy in canon and could actually have shades of this behavior if he went down a darker mindset.

Considering Naruto's early life was pretty fucked anyone who showed him kindness should've been a subject of inspiration. Though, Hinata, he never seemed to really want to make friends with. She was too boring in hindsight and tame. He considered her weird and not his type. Naruto is attracted to difficult people. Those w/ verve, will, and energy. Sasuke had that along w/ popularity, prestige, looks and infamy. A more selfish Naruto or one influenced by Kurama would've knocked Sasuke off long ago.

Make his death look like an accident, or have him killed during a mission. Instead, of chasing a guy that literally would've made his life difficult, and caught the eye of the girl he wanted.

The relationship w/ Sakura is interesting. She's like a living light and flower maiden embodied in Naruto's fantasies. I'd really like to see you continue this, but maybe do a time-skip. Though, w/ references to their pre-teen years. He tries to comfort Sakura, but she's too out of it. He's super protective and seems to be himself more or less yet there's a darker edge. Sakura feels suffocated by his territorial behavior and possessiveness, but blames it on loosing Sasuke has made them very different people.

At time he comes off as demanding and controlling, and Naruto isn't nearly as dumb or random as he seems. Less calculating yet scarily observant. Probably spinning his relationship w/ Sakura to the point she depends on him the most and trusts him w/o fail. Like if Sakura's attach by the Kyubbi had been intentional; instead of accidental. The incident gave Naruto a reason to mark her. Or after saving everyone during the Pein arc...people are either brought back cause of "plot", or left dead w/ Danzo taking over, and Naruto having more influence via Danzo trying to align himself w/ this version of Naruto. So new place w/ better amenities and Sakura is left unsure and scared of this new future. But Naruto comforts her and manipulates her to his hearts content into an actual relationship.

I could even see him relishing in her tears in private, because Sakura does look pretty sad and crying. He loves her but the feeling is intense, raw and dominating. The Kyubbi makes it worst by wanting to " " her.

So, does Naruto abuse her trust and gradually tames the girl of his dreams, or does he wait to break her? ~As you can see...I like dark fics~ lololol
10/18/2021 c1 MarchIII
Ngl I totally dig yandere Naruto when it comes to Sakura! is the Kyuubi a factor in his actions?

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