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10/24/2023 c38 103Razell
That's unfortunate, but you have to do what you have to do. Forcing yourself to write something you no longer like takes the fun out of it, and usually results in a poorer story. Interesting idea, I hope someone else can either finish this or come up with something similar.
10/23/2023 c38 4DefaultGoddess
Because of how broken ffn is being right now I can't PM you but mind if I take your story as my own? If possible I would like to try and continue it but changing certain elements.
10/22/2023 c37 montykinomovie
well, screw you too
10/22/2023 c38 anyumaaka
It's a real shame to hear that, but I'm glad you came and told us. Chances of anyone else picking it up may be close to zero, but at least we know it's dead.
9/28/2023 c37 DarkWynter34
Is this story on hiatus or discontinued?
9/25/2023 c37 123ABIR123
I hate to ask this but is this story dead? you should continue writing it as it was pretty good.
11/9/2022 c37 103Razell
You're right, I honestly didn't see that coming. I also don't see what Shadow would get out of this, beyond preventing a brainwashed hero from becoming number 1. I don't like Hawks in canon. It's hypocritical of me, I suppose, that I blame Hawks for doing something evil when he was abused and trained to obey without question, but I don't blame Touya/Dabi when he does terrible things for somewhat similar reasons. Hawks is a trained attack dog serving an evil master, Dabi is an attack dog that was abandoned but keeps fighting because that's all he knows. He's still trying to prove himself to the filth that abandoned him. They're both tragic.

Maybe it's just Hawks deceptiveness I can't forgive yet, I hate liars, especially liars that turn on people who trust them and rely upon them.

So, they're going to attack the training camp. Again, I don't quite follow the logic beyond 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.' Dabi, Spinner and the others are either minor criminals or not yet criminals, and becoming such will make life much harder for them. But this is what they chose, not necessarily the camp attack, but to join a group that literally has 'Villains' in the name and is run by a feared supervillain. Spinner wants to change things, as does Twice, to make the world better, regardless the personal costs. Dabi is fighting windmills and has basically lost his purpose with Endeavor's fall. There's no telling what he'd do without the support, and restraint, of the League. This might be the better path for him. At least this way he has people to help and support him, and to try to help him mentally and physically as well. Of course, Shadow isn't trying to become popular, he's trying to promote himself as a villain that heroes will have to unite against in order to survive. I'm also not questioning your choices in your plot. It's your story, and I hope to see where this is going. Honestly, your reasoning for the attack is actually, in my opinion, more sensible than All-for-One and Shigaraki's stated reasons. Possibly because AFO is a lying scumbag who is just using everyone around him to achieve his goals of personal power and revenge. He has no desire to create a better world, just to take it over as a tyrant himself. Shigaraki is just a body AFO took to screw with All-Might and is even more delusional than Hawks. He's another truly tragic character.

Also, with your version The League, maybe Dabi will have a better chance at NOT burning himself alive trying to prove his worth to a worthless coward.

It's strange to think of The League without Toga having ever even met Twice, Dabi or the others...

Sorry for rambling, my mind is everywhere and nowhere right now.

I'm sad you won't be able to update for a while, but trying to force yourself to finish something when your muse is gone will just make it into a mess. I know because I've done that, and some of my stories have suffered for it.

So, Kudos!
11/7/2022 c37 Nyarome
When I just got notification about update, I could clearly hear AllMigt in my head "New Chapter IS HERE!", I was so happy :) With my name in A/N no less! *blush*

Unfortunately, just only now got enough free time to enjoy reading it, and you didn't disappoint! Plot thickens, the trigger was pulled, literally! And I saw my fav Shadow look, and all silent with the big rifle too *reduced to stuttering blushing mess* ! Ahh, fan service~

Hahaha, but honestly, this chapter such a tease. Like, surprise people, here's Hawks. Out of commission. No Endeavour. Soo, is it like thinning out heroes for "final" battle with AllMight, amirite?

Also, just my thoughts, I can be completly wrong but! I think firstly, that Shadow doesn't really want to 'kill' AllMight but he does want to kill 'Symbol of Peace'. So probably need to be a good media coverage... Or drones :D The best place to go at it without endangering civilians would be away from the city, somewhere with forest or mountains, like the Camp place itself, but! Unless Shadow doesn't want AllMight go all out and wants to keep him second guessing and holding back .. So, Kamino v 2.0?

Anyway, secondly! I don't really like what's that going on with Dabi, I mean like in a 'sus' way don't like, not hate or anything. Just looks to me, that if Dabi doesn't grow the heck up in further chapters, and especially if he tries to grill Shouto for his daddy issues like in canon... Dabi will have to go :O Not that I will blame you for that, in that case, I was so disappointed with him in canon, but mostly with Horikoshi.

Oh, one more! Didn't AllMight see Shadows DarknessJunior look on cameras from I-Island? Or the tapes were no good? Or is he just in denial now? :D Ugggh, I can't wait for their personal meeting already! Masks away, give me drama!

All in all, thanks for the surprise update! Have a good time with your other work, but don't forget about this one too please, and even if we will need to wait, it's still would be woth it, i know! Bye-bye ~
11/6/2022 c37 Drake Harlock
I feel like shadow could have gotten hawks to join him.
But other than that another great chapter.
10/30/2022 c36 Drake Harlock
Please update.
10/16/2022 c36 Nyarome
That fanfic is perfect and everything I've been looking for for quite some time! \(゚ー゚\) The Vampire, actually competent LoV, my bae Kurogiri, misunderstandings with family ties especially to the Big Bad Already Dead ༼;༎ຶ ༎ຶ༽() I LOVE every reaction of anyone to the MC, love how the intrigue keeps getting higher, love his a bit downgrade (i'm a sucker for black hair/blue eyes combination sue me) look of DarkLord-junior special for AllMight and co in the knows, villains and heroes interaction... in short this fanfic checked about all of my preferences and I was so excited with every chapter for about two days now. Best weekend, thank you so much!
Now waiting with baited breath for more of the story, the plot thickens, the Final Battle is Near~ Can't wait!
Also, will someone of A/B class be kidnapped now? How will the Training camp turn out without Muscular (probably Shadow will replace him fighting Midori or..?) What about Toga? Who will fight OchacoTsu in her stead? So many questions (ӦvӦ。)
Inspiration to you dear author! Please continue soon ️
8/21/2022 c6 NikTB
Really?! As strong as all might. Yeah right goodbye
8/11/2022 c36 Razell
Mama Midoriya is always going to worry about her baby...

I'm not the competitive type, but I imagine that Shouto basically throwing the match would be both unsatisfying and insulting to someone who is competitive, eg Bakugou. Even though he was trying to defy Endeavor, it still wasn't fair to Bakugou. On top of all of his anger and self-confidence issues, he's clearly obsessed with being the best of the best. Hopefully, though, he's seen the depths Endeavor sunk to in order to achieve victory at all costs, and the ol' flaming trashcan can serve as a warning example of the dangers of Pride and Ambition. He's such a complicated character, Bakugou, his awful behavior is due in large part to his bad upbringing and various mental and emotional troubles. He's a troubled kid in a twisted society who desperately needs people who care about him, not just his powerful quirk, like Kirishima and Aizawa. Hawks was trained to be nothing but his quirk, a weapon for the Hero Commission... That could have easily been Bakugou. Hopefully he has brighter things to look forward to.

Sorry for rambling. And, as I said before, take all the time you need, in the end, this is only a story, you are infinitely more important to the world.


8/10/2022 c1 1Demostrathe
woah cannon fodder who actually have common sense? IMPOSSIBLE
8/7/2022 c36 3Trux-Killer
Idk y but I might imagine the shock on their when they find out Shadow isn’t AOF son or assistant. He killed him, and he might tell them to look within for what he is… A Vampire. And I think it might be later on after the Training Camp thing. And will they capture Bakugo here, but knowing Shadow. He won’t.
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