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11/18 c14 PercyJacksonFan0989
Yes, just finished reading and noticed the author hasn’t written in a long time, I am very sad that a great Fanfiction like this is seemingly been abandoned. Please continue. As for the story, I have a theory/suggestion for Percy’s domains when he becomes an Olympian. They could be something like loyalty, tides (or something water related), animals (because they follow him around now), the hunt and maybe swordsmanship.
11/18 c8 Athrick
I don’t blame Artemis for doing what she did. It was a perfect disaster. Maybe if he would just talk to her instead of running away, but he has to make everything harder for himself and Artemis.
11/17 c6 Athrick
This is great. I really like how even though The Hunt is nice to Percy he hates being there, and how Percy is the one making it harder and not Artemis. It’s usually the complete opposite.
11/17 c1 Audrey Lucenio Royo
Still no updates after 3 months? That's a shame
11/3 c14 Wolvie26
Love it! Can't wait to see what happens next! Hope you update soon!
10/31 c14 Ryan Fowler
I was wondering have you abandoned the story are you just really busy
10/22 c14 sushiman57
When is the next update?
10/20 c14 B21n07
Looking forward to the next update
Hopefully soon
10/10 c14 Guest
Can’t wait to see the new update
10/11 c1 5VampireAcademyTotallyAddicted
If you're worried about any potential mistakes in your text, I suggest getting a beta to check for you. Just make sure to acknowledge the person helping you...

By the way, awesome story! A few punctuation errors need to be fixed (mainly the ellipsis) and maybe a few spelling errors. Still, a very good story worth reading and re-reading several times a week. Thanks for writing this.
9/30 c3 Guest
Let me start off by saying this is a really good story.

In my opinion, Poseidon is the only good god in this story. After everything Zeus did, the council had every reason to side with Poseidon. If they had chose Poseidon instead of staying neutral, the war would have ended before it started. Instead the gods hid away while Poseidon stood up to his brother, then blamed the both of them for the destruction.

Again really good story, but the gods can all go screw themselves.
9/29 c14 chriskidd2001
hot damn Atlanta is sus about Reyna plus Percy and Diana is getting cosey with each other
9/29 c5 chriskidd2001
That is pretty cool Poor Artemis
9/29 c4 chriskidd2001
That was nice Percy and Artemis plus hunter thing
9/29 c3 chriskidd2001
poor Chiron, his friends, and honorary brother Nico
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