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3h c23 Brett
Fantastic chapter. Love the build up of percy and artemis/diana. And as far as the long chapters, I love them. Keep them long in my opinion. And keep up the great work. Cannot wait for the next installment.
2h c23 HellRaiderS
Loved it perfect chapter keep the updates coming
5h c10 3Rashio
Just want to say that no. If she had actually respected him then she wouldn't have reacted that way. If you actually respect and believe in someone you don't instantly judge them in bad faith in all situations which she clearly is. Every minutely slight is taken out of proportion, and that attack was just her showing her true self. There's no getting away from that.
And since then she's been a psychopathic idiot who wants him to literally bind his life to not running away from her camp without permission even if he is in mortal danger. There's no getting around how stupid, insane, and unforgivable Artemis is in these sequences. And SURELY Poseidon knows EVERYTHING that's going on. They can check up on their children when they want. He's seen this all happening and seemingly doesnt care? If they have a hearth at camp, the same likely applies to Hestia.
3/1 c23 Kaya
I had accidentally found this story on ff and let me tell you, its not the best one I have ever read so far! It's very commendable on how you developed the characters and scenes and everything! Although the beginning chapters did feel kinda typical Percy and Artemis fanfic out there but yours has a twist and I'm loving to read it! Just continue writing stuff like this and I think i would like long chapters...they aren't difficult to read but have a nice buildup and all.
I understand it takes a lot of time and efforts to write one chapter, but as a reader I must admit it's kinda torturous waiting for the next chapter, so if it's a big one, it would be better for me ig.

Still gotta say amazing work!
23h c23 5Crystal93
Longer chapter much satisfying but it also harder for writer .. I am afraid that writer will abandon the story which one is scarier than anything lol

This is one of the best story in PJ fanfiction
3/1 c23 PercyFan
YES YOU DIDNT ABANDON IT! GREAT CHAPTER KEEP THEM COMING! I would personally prefer more frequent updates with shorter chapters rather than long gaps and longer chapters.
3/1 c23 TriainaMoon
This was a excellent chapter. I’m a fast reader so I like these longer chapters. Plus I’m sure that it’s helpful to you as well to be able to not feel stressed or rushed in writing and posting with your busy schedule.
I really like how Artemis has finally accepted her feelings for him even if she can’t admit it out loud yet. While the incident was very hard on her and her emotions it seems to be what she needed to fully embrace her true feelings for her consort same with Percy. Percy is embarrassed with her PDA but is happy knowing that she feels the same as him.
I think she should let the council sweat over her threat for the week before appearing with him at her side possibly holding hands or on his arm. Rhea explaining has gone well with the two Olympians.
Looking forward to their talk with Leto her telling Percy of sides he’s yet to see of her and her asking about their nearing union and her begging for immortal grandkids. As a punishment she could kiss him in front of Atlantis kingdom or the council proclaiming her love and that he belongs to her.
Since she wants to be close to him and they’re getting more romantic/intimate they could start sleeping in the same bed together doing couples things like feeding each other.
keep up this great work and updates as soon as you can. good luck with your work

3/1 c23 Argent345
3/1 c23 3Vizzion Guardian
AN UPDATE LETS GOOO. now in sad i gotta wait for the next chapter, but its a great chapter nonetheless
3/1 c23 Guest
Loved the new chapter! Quickly became one of my favorite in the genre
2/29 c23 bahetiparth2112
I absolutely think that this is the best Pertemis and also one of the best written Percy Jackson fic out there.
Each time I think that the chapter was good, U outdo yourself. It just keeps getting better everytime.
Also love the fact that the story seems believable and not unlike some others where both of them readily accept their fates which is very unlikely for their personalities.
I love the longer chapters as well and love the slow advances for each other.
I have seen so many fics which people start with good stories but never complete them, Which is just disappointing to read.
Hope u keep doing well and eagerly waiting for the next update.
2/29 c23 Guest
I think having 10k word chapters would be a good length. However the main thing that the people with smaller chapter want is more updates instead of fewer but bigger updates. Maybe like writing a 10k chapter each month? Anyways this chapter is amazing like always, keep up the work!
2/29 c23 lycnt
I love this, keep going!
2/29 c23 Aimlessamo
Thank you for not delaying the reunion of Percy and Artemis. I've read many stories where it just drags on to the point that I stop finding joy in reading it anymore.

For the chapter lengths, I don't mind long chapters. This chapter was a pleasure to read. Though if chapters were to be shorter, I would hope that the frequency of updates would increase to balance things out.
2/29 c23 AmWRAZ
Artemis being this posessive of Percy is legit normal with how she live her whole life. But she being dense enough not to notice about how deep she hold Percy in her fingers too. Thank you for the update and ngl I would have thought that you are having a hiatus. Once again thank you for updating the story.
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