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for Mass Effect SI: Ultimate Krogan

4/29 c108 Guest
Still cant believe he fucked what looks like a live fleshlight lover that looks like a tanned and smooth Techno dobby

Female Dwarves are cool cuz they just look like short and beffy women
4/29 c106 Guest
Now that I thought of it grunty and jack both have full body tattooed bodies

Although jacks cooler

Angry mangos are chicken scratches or children Doodle’s
4/28 c99 Guest
He didnt get to keep his tail and horns? Dang thats a shame

I was hoping he would be scaly in the limbs and around the Face
4/28 c96 Guest
Lol he just told the whole galaxy

“Im too awesome for this war and you have grown far too boring for me to fight, my family has grown so a leave it to them and my incase I die or Go to the next great adventure plans, see you later, maybe, never”
4/28 c90 Guest
Hope they Go to Pokemon for a short while

The tech there is Bonkers
4/28 c88 Guest
Did he get juggers amulet of cytorak?

Im pretty sure the Guy would do anything to have grunt as his avatar and champion

The mans killed people since he could walk
4/28 c79 Guest
Oh? are they making the duo into a trio?

Side note

Im kinda sad that grunt hasnt eaten a dragon yet

Maybe he could get a shape shifter skill out of it and finally blend in on low tech worlds where there arent krogan analogs he can excuse as his kin

Wonder what he would do in earth Marvel or Harry potter lol (beside fuck and kill)

Maybe he could drop on dragon age or world of war craft

Kinda hope he doesnt grow non retractable wings tho

If hes like Warren from Xmen its gonna get super annoying for him with everything not designed for bigass winged demigod krogan

Hope its like DXD wings

Easy and retractable wings
4/28 c76 Guest
YA know I really thought grunt would bang Shepard happily ever after

But Jacks punkness mixes well with his Conan the barbarianess

Hope they Go to the Marvel next to be the gardians of the galaxy, bang the all the named female named characters and finally gather the Infinity stones to make his swimmers compatible with jack

And maybe only jack

I dont know what his demigod spawn would if they leave it to roam free in any galaxy
4/28 c70 Guest
EY I love brutal lands
4/21 c5 hanzohasashifan29
krogan chris hansen: Jack we just need to talk
4/18 c117 dylansandy1993
this was a lot of fun to read. thanks for posting it here!
4/17 c89 satr1mar
Made it too 89 before it became too much. I loved this it just got too painful to read.
3/25 c14 Guest
I wonder if there are hybrid krogan? Would a killer croc looking Baby come out?
3/25 c3 Guest
Love the space mama bits


I also kinda hope SI Krogan was a lil more genetically altered with a smaller head and thicker arms

Basically a slightly slimmer (cuz he young) Marvel Comica A-Bomb with a krigan head

That would look awesome

Game krogans always looked too too heavy which made their arms look like Trex arms

they look real awkward to me but maaaybe its just me
3/18 c37 4Black Magic99
... well from the description i figured this was a crack fic, you the story was grounded enough that it could of just been a fix it... finally got to the crack fic part
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