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9/7 c26 Mastersgtjames
still surprised the MC has not just... retrieved his property from the Goblins.
9/7 c25 Mastersgtjames
Kind of annoyed the MC did not even think about trying to heal Arthur, or get help to heal him.
9/7 c24 Mastersgtjames
Honestly kinda bummed the MC does NOT have an actual Harem yet. Or that he has not actually advanced romantically with anyone other than Astoria.
9/6 c9 Mastersgtjames
Gonna be REALLY let down if the MC does not get his money/property back from the Goblins... Heck, break in again and steal it back.
8/23 c28 thehaybayle
And I reach the end yet again. An utterly brilliant fic, and one of my favorites, yet as such it’s always a tragedy when there are no more words to read
8/21 c14 Aiden Britton
Awww i was hoping harry would get with a vamp
8/21 c4 Aiden Britton
Awwww i h8 the idea of learning parseltounge
8/20 c28 3RandomGerman
Thanks for sharing this masterpiece! It is unique, fun and engaging to read. I also learned a lot about history and geography and ancient myths and treasure. Fun fact of the day: Cebu (like Cebu Pacific the airline) is in the Philippines :-) I never knew it was a city name.
8/14 c3 envirosue
Reading this is so much fun.
8/14 c1 envirosue
This is fabulous, I love it so much already!
7/22 c28 Navn Ukjent
Very nice fic.

I had hoped for a bit more reactions from the rest of the Wizarding World when Harry (& Co) discovered Atlantis and Avalon.
7/3 c27 2AvidReader2425
Thank you very much for the highly entertaining story, really enjoyed the ride
7/3 c26 AvidReader2425
Definitely another entertaining chapter, thank you very much
7/3 c25 AvidReader2425
Thanks for another really fun and entertaining Chapter yet again
7/3 c24 AvidReader2425
Thanks for another excellent chapter and that ending was rather hilarious
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