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7/16/2022 c1 4fantasyfan1764
I'm loving it.

My nights been pretty shite but this definitely turned it around
7/15/2022 c28 BET
Amazing story. I love the old make about balls being held under a golden ceiling so the vampires can feel like they’re in the sun. Well done I love the entire story.
7/14/2022 c2 myafroatemydog
Damn good chapter
7/14/2022 c1 myafroatemydog
Interesting first chapter
7/14/2022 c18 BET
I think if anyone doesn’t like this it’s because they want some clear action driven plot with a villain and dramatic tension. This story has tension in places but it’s shortly handled and has a very summer-vacation vibe in my mind. It’s like going on a trip that’s about the journey, not the end. I love it. It’s so interesting and entertaining and sweet in places. Love watching Harry stumble his way into further fame and responsibility. Great job. Wonderful writing style.
7/13/2022 c7 BET
I seriously love this story. Amazing job. The bit where Harry gets the horse’s attention to say they need to trample everything made me laugh so much
7/11/2022 c17 MrKeyFox
Not that many reactions to harry's actions. Very boring story. First few chapters were great but the writer dropped the ball fairly quickly and killed any fun left in this.

3/10 read a couple chapters if you must but the rest is utter dog shit.
7/11/2022 c1 WeisseHex
I like it! When Harry is REALLY out there and doing what ever he wants and to hell with everyone else. Also, it has some fun aspects, which I love.
7/10/2022 c28 13Fencer22
This was a delight to read. Very much a meandering story but I actually found that very refreshing :) thanks for sharing.
7/9/2022 c26 gginsc
Why do you use magicians instead of wizards?
7/9/2022 c25 Guest
Lol Harry also probably said in his mind “I also found King Arthur in motherfucking avalon”

Kinda sad they didn’t find a descendant of Le fay or a fae colony

Although maybe that’s a good thing? Fairies are apparently not like our typical Disney tinker bell and are quite maliciously territorial and shit

Kinda hope Avalon is just like in another plane in the island
7/8/2022 c28 4fundaore
7/8/2022 c21 AnthonyR89
eh. you have Harry knowing French. which is one of the most common languages in Africa, along with Arabic and Swahili.
7/7/2022 c16 AnthonyR89
as for controlling the muggle government, I've always had it in my mind of a final fuck you contingency of some wisards if the muggles ever turned on them. which basically amounts to a nuclear holocaust.
7/7/2022 c28 SuperReader3000
This was amazing. Thank you for writing it!
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