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4/23 c28 4Night Wanderer
I assume this is finished now? But you never finished ib the godly snake stuff, sad times.
3/26 c17 3doraemax
Well now, I hope Harry meet some Yeti's...and go to Sangrila
3/26 c16 doraemax
Which is more of a prankster, the crow or the raven?
3/25 c14 doraemax
Indiana Jones? Perhaps... i think Lara Croft is more similar to Harry's lifestyle...including her own 'rivals'
3/25 c6 doraemax
Giving werewolves silver? really, Harry? hahaha
3/25 c4 doraemax
Heh, the Britain Wizarding people are in a snit. Do we get what magicals from other country thinks of this burgeoning dark lord?
3/25 c2 doraemax
Hmm...i wonder if tracers of the basilisk venom and phoenix tears have side effects for his 'maids'...
3/25 c1 doraemax
Hahaha... this is gold. Although, i can't imagine Hermione, or Luna will let him be for much longer.
3/24 c28 odonnellzoo99
Very fun story. Also very cool that you got a review from Rorschach’s Blot.
One of my favorite parts was how Elaine answered the door for Draco’s Muggleborn visit.
3/22 c1 odonnellzoo99
Fun start
3/22 c10 pazed
hisspered - hysterical, lol really
3/22 c27 Osmodious
What a fun story! While you may have been originally inspired by the excellent Mr. Black story, yours is very different…Harry is far more intentional in his activities, even if there are the occasional ‘unintended side effects’. Good characters, that do develop nicely, good overall plot, nice balance of dialogue and exposition, and quality writing that sucks you in and makes you care how it goes. Really nicely done…thanks for posting!
3/9 c18 DeathToSnakes
Shame Harry didn't notice the Everest poop bags.
3/8 c28 thehaybayle
Well I’ve just found myself a new favourite fic. My only regret is running out of chapters to read!
3/7 c28 cameron1812
Such a pleasure to read, Thank you!
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