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3/7/2023 c1 cameron1812
VashonBeader sent me to read your work and I am already hooked by this story!
2/28/2023 c8 csheila
Oh shoot, now the island is easier to find. But he has set up some protections.
2/27/2023 c7 csheila
Keep up with the dragons
2/27/2023 c6 csheila

Thanks for sharing
2/27/2023 c5 csheila
Can we see Luna
2/26/2023 c4 csheila
Wildfire runs through my head. But Harry is the horse
2/26/2023 c3 csheila
Reading is just as much fun.

I must wear red tinted glasses for migraines. Any different tints on their glasses
2/26/2023 c2 csheila
Ooh, a submarine. That would also help his girls. But damn, elves and sailing ships make my heart sing. Could Dobby return if it’s a ghost ship.

Thanks so MUCH for dishing the fetishists. My long term but now ex is Asian American. The crap people dish out, even among queers, staggers me still. Mocking them kills them with a thousand cuts.
2/26/2023 c1 csheila

Thanks for sharing
2/24/2023 c28 Whitelavender
Please write some harry potter fic again!
It's really good
I loved ur fic soo much
2/21/2023 c20 abuduu
Ok, I've had enough. It's a good fic, very entertaining. I just don't like crack. This one was better than most, better humour and not so crazy that you need a adhd to read it, but it came to the same problem as the rest. There is no plot and no meaninful dialogue. everything and every one exist to show harry in a certain light. Even his own decisions are for that. He get's some half assed idea saving-, finding, rescuing, meeting someone or something that has nothing to do with him, his wants or needs. Just for the plot. And the plot is basically what profet says about him
2/21/2023 c20 abuduu
Why does he needs some fetish party in america as an excuse to go there? couldn't he just apparate there or sail there. You know, like a regular tourist. It's not like they have a reason to deny him entry even if they could, which they can't
2/21/2023 c18 abuduu
domesticated dragons... I hope not. Any domestication of a wild animal is wrong. Is cruel. Only humans are as cruel, self serving and narcissistic that they had the idea to domesticate predatory animals
2/20/2023 c13 asd
I get that this is a crack fic, unusually serious one and that's good. I see alot of mr. black in this but not a copy. Other than that, I'm just annoyed how mary sue harry is being. Helping everyone and being perfect. Crack is crack but still
2/17/2023 c28 Kai
Very good story.

Few spelling errors, and many of those may be just typing errors. Which can happen to anyone.

You use an unusually large vocabulary. I'm not a native speaker, though my reading comprehension is quite good, I think. Yet, I had to look up a couple words in a dictionary, which does rarely happen nowadays.

And Harry's encounters are very well founded in extensive knowledge of history, mythology, and geography. Very impressive!
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