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for A Cylon going Home: A Harry Potter Story

4/12 c1 niggers hater
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9/16/2022 c1 santosrivera
When will there be an update
8/25/2022 c2 5Enterprize 1304a
You could also use old cylon war era ship designs from battlestar Galactica Deadlock?
8/25/2022 c2 12Phoenix Warehouse Productions
Ok I might get some flak for suggesting my favorite ships, but Serenity from Firefly, or Ragnarok from Final Fantasy VIII are both good ships to use
4/25/2022 c2 ggf1
Good start. I was wondering which Cylon he was. I guessed wrong. Looking forward to more.
3/21/2022 c2 1chaoswizard
Keep it coming please it is good
2/13/2022 c2 Declonus
looking forward to the next chapter :)
2/12/2022 c2 Guest
Love the story so far, I do hope that the problems you are having with the story are fixed soon.
Love to see where the story goes next.
Have a great day.
1/19/2022 c1 shedges19
you going to do more?
1/3/2022 c1 2wsbenge
A blended Cylon human hybrid would be a fun read. Kara would be a pilot early as the refugees scramble to survive?
11/16/2021 c2 shedges19
Cool story
10/26/2021 c2 Knight1873
This is a good start is this going to be dealing with the 13th colony. I know I'm showing my age with that one lol. As for a timeline I found one that has it in Earth year 150000. Caprica year 7348 just before the 7th millennium or about 1980 Earth time I got this from Battlestar wiki
10/26/2021 c2 marisares76
Fraking awesome start! As for the time line I'd say Cavil killed the Daniels appr. 10 years after the armistice, add a year of torture, very little transit time to Earth then go from there. He has enough time to finish his schooling and avenge his adopted parents as well as gather the resources to build himself a ship. If he can find the ship he came in that might help, though as a cylon he should already have the knowledge they add up till his last death, so he could build one from scratch if he had to. He'd probably you some parts at least from his original ship to save time, etc. but I doubt it was that big so I definitely want to build a larger ship. He could also integrate Earth tech ideas, ideas that he could advance using cylon scientific knowledge, and magic such as runes buy please don't go crazy on the magic like so many do; using agile to reinforce the Hull, increase cooling and heating, and, maybe, open dimension portals that he can then build into (expansion charms) as long as he does after build into them and not just wave his wand and suddenly have an expanded room. No shrinking kilometer long ships, please, for gods sakes some people just make it so unbelievable that it ruins the story. I would say try to remember that magic is a personal power that has limits unless your a god or something but technology has no such limits, hope you understand what I'm trying to say. Anyway Harry has plenty of time, I would say he might even consider joining the military but if he trains himself and his army right he might not need to. This could really be awesome done right, so please please do it right and do it quickly ;)
10/25/2021 c2 A Guest
I'm not sure but it must be in a timeframe of 10-23 years after the Armistice (and thus, 30-17 years before the cylons do their assault in the Colonies) if you want Harry to end his magical education and interfere in the Colonies before the Cylons start atacking.
10/24/2021 c2 2Voldfield
Entre la naissance de appolo et starbuck et le d├ębut de la guerre les 2 personnage on 29 ans source battlestar wiki
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