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for And So, Bell Became a Hero

9/23 c19 Phantom0013
this chapter was so fucking awesome.
your writing is amazing. I am enjoying every second of this read. you really have written a masterpiece. I can't wait to read more of your writing.
have a nice day/night!
8/31 c30 Jojo2424
More updates please
8/30 c3 1Fellbane
3 chapters in and you’re already using rape as a plot device... this doesn’t bode well for the rest of the novel.
8/30 c2 Fellbane
And it was going so well... until you had him literally kneel down in public and beg while apologising for simply walking into someone.

The world of Danmachi is more of a western fantasy world and you, the author are not Japanese, so why is there a need to try so hard to include Japanese customs like Dogeza?
8/29 c30 Nanayalucas
Yeah most likely Lili is dead, too bad she would be perfect as a supporter.
8/27 c20 Bluerose1937
I really like the way you went about explaining Hekate’s motives or at least original plan. I’m not entirely sure what she’s up to know and not sure if it’s international or not. But telling it later instead of at the start was a good idea. Probably because we got more time to see her so we don’t just think of her as evil
8/26 c17 Bluerose1937
I got a feeling the dungeon is like Gaia or some other god and it’s alive in a more literal sense
8/25 c18 M1stymix
I sometimes think that the voice of zeus in Bell's mind is actually him watching bell's life of adventure
8/19 c30 Kirisaki Yuu
First congrats on your mother's surgery. Second however I have some constructive criticism if you will. Your flow in the story is amazing, from how you manage to draw out and describe each characters emotion and thought without making any of the word used seem repeated is good. But something that bugged me was when you wrote

"Oh," bell oh'd.

I don't know that just seems to really get at me it's like the same as writing,

"Hahaha," bell laughed. Like it's kinda obvious from the writing itself y'know. I don't know perhaps you could mend that. Or ignore this it's completely up to u.
8/17 c22 1Nevarus
the only issue I see with allowing the protection to fade is that the reason is due to bell's uniqueness. basically it's an exception because ppl are bitching about how quickly he is growing and they want a way to control him. what this tells me is that the gods need to be purged one by one, because they may claim to have familia... in reality they see them as slaves in some way.

if they don't see them that way, then why aren't there any actual rights that I can see for those in familias.
8/16 c11 Nevarus
it's not really wierd that they can make those potions, but they may not be the most popular Familia for consumables. another thought is that at higher levels Healing magic is where it's at.
8/16 c6 Nevarus
twenty times as much is 20x... twenty times higher or twenty times more are the exact same an added 2000% or in other words, it's 2100%. higher and more both denote additional increases to the original.

example: what is 20 higher in counting than 8? answer 28.
8/13 c30 pix25
Well that was interesting
8/13 c30 9Kratos 57 naruto
8/12 c30 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter
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