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for And So, Bell Became a Hero

4/8 c34 madtad1
Love this story and wish you would continue!
4/7 c23 Madtad1
Really good!
4/6 c19 9Sagarel's Devil
Beautiful chapter. Loved every single part of it.
4/5 c15 Sagarel's Devil

Great chapter. hungry for more
4/5 c11 Sagarel's Devil

I feel bad for Tsubaki. ganbare~
4/5 c8 Sagarel's Devil
4/5 c5 Sagarel's Devil

Aight. I'll be content with snuggles. This chapter was comfy af. so adorable.
4/5 c4 Sagarel's Devil
Hell yeah! Great fight sequence!
4/5 c3 Sagarel's Devil
...right after a such a cute chapter lmao
4/5 c2 Sagarel's Devil
Cute chapter. Cute Bell. I'm a little confused about the puppy part... but let's see where the road takes us
3/29 c34 13ALPHA02FURY97
Hi, I'm somewhat a new reader this is a good fic now that Airmid is part of the Harem I would like to see deepens and please do add Aisha and Haruhime as well as Daphne and Cassandra!
3/25 c34 Guest
Im absolutely loving this story so far and love how you've made each character have their own new and unique ways of handling each situation! Keep up the phenomenal work!
3/11 c6 RunnySpider10
You forgot to add Hestia to roses falna, minor thing really. Anyways great chap, I'm amazed at the detail and length, overall amazing and I hope to be able to keep reading this fic
2/6 c34 Soiken
1/28 c34 Larro44-LL
Well coming off last chapter to this make as the last available chapter is a let down. Hope you come back to this story one day. Or any of your stories at this point
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