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3/28 c8 1My Eyez Are Watching Everyone
Great storyline. I'm not a fan of B/E, but this one is doing okay.
2/20 c8 twi nana
more info, and more wtf... loved it, more please twinana
2/20 c7 twi nana
you keep right on doing this the way you want, loving it
2/20 c6 twi nana
echos? do tell, hmm B is the cat... Jacob has already shifted... and Edward is after her... hmmmm
2/20 c5 twi nana
twisty, I love it
2/20 c4 twi nana
well THAT didn't go well, 6ft tall, hmmm
2/20 c3 twi nana
Oh my God, I felt like I was there
2/20 c2 twi nana
wow interesting star...I like it!
2/20 c1 twi nana
oh, nive start
12/31/2021 c8 BridieM
Wonderful E. Thank you for writing
12/31/2021 c7 BridieM
Very enjoyable. Loving the relationship between Charlie and Bella. I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas and New year. Best wishes and thank you for writing
12/31/2021 c8 pbeech7316
A very interesting story. Looking forward to seeing where this story goes
12/29/2021 c8 1catgrl
Oh boy very interesting. Can’t wait for the next update.
12/29/2021 c7 catgrl
Yay so Charlie knows what is going on with Bella.
12/8/2021 c6 Guest
Very interesting loving it so far.
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