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for The Last Wind

2/20 c13 11freakshow

I really enjoy this story it’s hard finding good stories based before Naruto’s born

I hope to read more, thank you for sharing your story!
5/21/2023 c3 Guest
Arashi’s and Ayame’s friendship was never genuine if Ayame threatened to break their friendship and completely making a mountain out of a hill. I understand they’re kids but still, threatening to never to talk the person who has constantly been protecting you and has always been there for you just because they are reluctant to become a trained killer? Come on Ayame, be a little less heartless. She doesn’t deserve to talk to Arashi after that. I’d never consider a person like her a friend.
1/15/2023 c13 5foot6geodudemushroomhead
Loving the story, hope it’s not dead. I loved how you skipped the academy arc. It is such a droll reading them and with the introductions of many OCs it made me almost lose interest. Only gripe I have is that the main character did not know how to read and now he is fully literate without any writings of his struggles learning.

Also I hope the Amaya arc isn’t going to be a Shakespearean tragedy. I don’t like the motivations of the missing mist nin boss, seems kind of cliche. Reminds me the league of legends arcane storyline. Hopefully his motivations to take over a leaf controlled city is not stupid.
1/11/2023 c13 2Sharpshooter16
I hate and love stories like this, hate because there's not enough, love because there is just enough to make you hooked. You know how to reach me.

12/26/2022 c13 Kodaking
Great chapter
12/26/2022 c12 Kodaking
Suprise appearance from me
12/26/2022 c5 Kodaking
Don't be part of the statistic, learn how to spell 'definitely' correctly.
12/25/2022 c13 TheTreePerson
Cool! Almost forgot about this story so the update gave me a chance to re-read, still good! Thank you very much!
12/15/2022 c1 AppleGrowth
Arashi will probably defect from leaf while also whisking Amaya away from that creeper and run away. Also pairings Arashi x Kushina. Honestly I don’t understand how Minato ended up with her in cannon. He used to watch her get beat up and then smile at her, the guy’s a little psychopath. At that point Kushina must have been so starved for any attention she must have latched onto the most neutral (psycho) source. Also the shady Sandaime must have manipulated them into being with each other since he always planned for Minato to become Hokage. Getting the shunned village jinchuuriki tamed is just a plus.
12/14/2022 c8 opalfeather
Ummm why should we continue to care about Tenkan at this stage of the fic? The MC is elsewhere and we could really care less about his little girl friend at this point. I would rather read about the MC this book is supposed to be about instead of all the OC side stories that distract from the main point of the fic
12/14/2022 c8 12DemonGokuto
i feel bad for Amaya, things are sucking for her and Murano's seemingly going to take advantage of the situation. She not only lost her bread but she didnt even get to read the letter, i feel like that letter is going to feed a big part into her character within the future and i also see she's completely out of her depth without Arashi. i feel her need might somehow turn to anger should they eber come face to face again. its great to see this fic updated once again, i still love it
12/13/2022 c13 Enduroman1
Lovin' your story so far, and I also really like giving Minato a irrational fear of heights and Jiraiya teasing him about it.. Honestly I thought it was a reference to Jiraiya pushing Naruto off a cliff to draw out the nine tails
8/5/2022 c12 1Senpou modo
The pacing and time skips are perfect, waiting for next chapters, great job with this fic
7/1/2022 c12 1Porthos10
Good chapters. Thanks
6/16/2022 c12 Guest
Nice chapter.

When is the next? Too good to wait.
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