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8/6 c13 Marel
This is one of the best story i've read so far.
7/6 c31 kagome0561
I loved this story so much. It's been such a long time since I've been able to read a full fic all the way through, but yours had me completely enthralled. My apologies for my previous short reviews. I was so into your story that I stayed up until 1am to finish readinf it and forgot to leave reviews as I finished each chapter so bow I'm going back to tell you how amazing your writing skills are and your ability to tell a great story especially over a sensitive topic. Thanks again!
7/6 c30 kagome0561
Woah. So much to take in in this chapter. I'm so sad they broke up but I understand its probably good for Bella to experience life outside of her old forks bubble.
7/6 c29 kagome0561
Edward is right. Bellas was brave. All of them were. I wish they didn't give him the possibility of parole. That'll definitely be a problem later.
7/6 c28 kagome0561
I hope he gets sentenced for a very long time. He doesn't deserve to the light of day.
7/6 c27 kagome0561
Glad they're reunited
7/6 c26 kagome0561
I really hope that's not his baby. Having a sibling their mom is your ex is so weird lol
7/6 c25 kagome0561
I wonder what happend in Chicago with Edward...I know it's about to get juicy
7/6 c24 kagome0561
Do glad he kicked Kate deserves everything coming to her.
7/6 c23 kagome0561
I feel so bad for bella having to retell her story over and over again.
7/6 c22 kagome0561
Well since Edward's Grandpa is a lawyer hopefully he can help them with thus case.
7/6 c21 kagome0561
I'm glad Rosalie is on the right path now
7/6 c20 kagome0561
The nerve of her to do what she did and say she doesn't deserve what's happening to her. She's getting off easy in my opinion. I dont know why she expected Edward to help her after that.
7/6 c19 kagome0561
Being with your exs father is definitely too far. Jeeze. Lol
7/6 c18 kagome0561
I hate that thats how Rosalie feels. I understand the mindset she's in but it's so frustrating when there's other victims involved
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