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for Fall of a Hero (10th Anniversary Edition)

3/13 c50 guest
It has been a very good story, I hope you continue writing more.
3/6 c50 6Blu100-Jewel100
Such a beautiful chapter! Blu and Jewel got to have romantic moments and dances at the club Paradise, whose party was dedicated to Blu being the savior of Rio. Also to top it off Rico and Rose are officially boyfriend and girlfriend!
2/27 c48 Blu100-Jewel100
Marco is finally dead! Hopefully Sabrina's attack won't kill Blu.
2/6 c47 Blu100-Jewel100
Blu's doing great! Also way to go Rafeal and Rose for ending the conflicting marriage ceremony! I hope they really aren't too late!
2/5 c45 Blu100-Jewel100
It's great that Blu is back and putting up a good fight with Marco but after the battle was put to a halt by Sabrina and Jewel told Blu about meeting someone else and he just took off. I'm hoping this will not be the case forever and that they get back together.
1/27 c44 Blu100-Jewel100
I sure hope it's Blu probably due to Amber's training but how will Jewel break it to him that she had a date. I really hope Marco dies soon.
1/23 c43 Blu100-Jewel100
A little more romance between Rose and Rico yay!
1/23 c42 Blu100-Jewel100
I hope that guy isn't really working for Marco and I can't believe Jewel's going on a date with new guy. Also what about Amber's test for Blu while he's in limbo.
1/21 c41 Blu100-Jewel100
I hope Jewel's date goes well but not too well.
1/21 c40 Blu100-Jewel100
Rose Crushing on Rico sweet but hopefully he won't actually lead them astray.
1/20 c1 1Crexis-The-Roleplayer
Wow, this seems like an amazing story series but dang i should go to the first one before i continue to read on huh?

Great job kraft!
1/20 c41 1The bruh man
Now i feel like Jewel is cheating Blu. And i feel like Antonio is like jollo
1/19 c40 The bruh man
This is getting very very interesting
1/17 c39 Guest
I couldn't help but read the previous authors note. Is Alex ever gonna mature? I wouldn't believe anything he says, Kraft58. He's proven on different occasions he will lie and spread propaganda for his own self righteous.

Onward to the chapter, really great job once again. I do wish the original version was still available but I am loving this new one all the same. Why did you delete the original version? I don't think it's against the rules to have two different versions of one story.
1/17 c39 6Blu100-Jewel100
Yay! Rico is like a Robin Hood.
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