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21h c16 Half Alien
love the story. but as a man. I feel it is my duty when ever I see it or in this case read it to point out gender bias and discrimination. if the roles had been reversed and an older man had flirted and copped a feel by pinching a young girls butt EVERYONE would be be screaming sexual harassment and or assault. gender equality goes both ways you see. I know... I know... it was true to their characters. it really is. I just have to do my part to point it out when I come accoss it.
1/16 c27 5tartlover18
Thank you so much for a beautiful Cory story!
1/15 c27 dsetdks
Great ending! Loved the glimpses of the future and the flashbacks. I was hoping that you would write a Rory/Tristin story next but writers block doesn't sound like fun. Thanks for finishing anyway.
1/15 c27 Navywife07
So good can’t wait for more
1/15 c26 Navywife07
So good wonder what Andrew has planned
1/13 c25 tartlover18
Eek! Is it an engagement?
1/11 c25 Guest
ahhhhhhh...i gotta know is that what I think it is? an engagement ring? please update soon!
1/9 c1 Susan
I like Rory & Colin together. Loved that she is close to the Haydens & the Gilmores & Lorelei is not giving Rory trouble about society. I hope she says yes to Colin's proposal - I wish he would have done it privately, not at a party...
1/10 c25 52shari
Rory and Collin are cute together. Francine is very observant. Collins dad just as bad as Mitchum in some ways.
Poor nervous Collin.
1/10 c25 Navywife07
Ooo if he asks her to marry him I hope she says yes great update
1/9 c25 dsetdks
Great chapter! Can't wait for the next one.
1/6 c24 52shari
Love how mean Collins boss is. Lol. What a great trip. Now back to reality.
1/6 c24 Navywife07
Love it
1/5 c24 brebre99
1/5 c24 luchieneedstherapy
i loved this so much!
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