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for Anne Boonchuy: Frogs and Demigods

1/23 c9 10ultima-owner
I'm betting Anne won't back down, even if they are friends.
1/9 c8 ultima-owner
the myth sounds real enough to be one of the OG Greek stories
1/5 c7 ultima-owner
Polly is gutsy to try to prank Mr. D, and I can total see her doing it.
12/10/2021 c6 ultima-owner
I have the feeling the betrayal won't be out of malicious intent
11/28/2021 c5 ultima-owner
Grime knows about the box and who wants it. OR he has a good idea about those topics
11/11/2021 c4 ultima-owner
the shadow is dangerous and I don't trust that they have any good intentions for the box
11/8/2021 c3 ultima-owner
I hope they don't trust him completely.
10/29/2021 c1 Matt
Garbage! Both chapters are exactly the same!
10/28/2021 c1 ultima-owner
Sasha being Mars' kid would make sense. Mars is prone to arguing his views are the right choice but he cares about his troops.

Anne is tricky but Hermes fits her 'rule breaking' if her sense of freedom is threatened. she does care about her friends but she makes choices that aren't the best and her 'adventureous spirit' drives her to do things.

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