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for What is dead may never die (Theon SI)

6h c83 Tony McNucklz
Well that's some hardcore shit. The King so dangerously hard to kill he needs lethal poison just to get some sleep. Also, strang he didn't clock the the Green Grace was also a target since both cups were poisoned, unless she intended to Princess Bride him to make sure he drank the poison.
12/6 c16 Kross 34
Tensions building up...ready...SO see where this is all leading too. Again...dont let the trolls and haters bring you down! Ive loved this fic every since i picked it up a year ago. Never gonna drop please keep going with it. Want to see where its going and how its gonna end! There are so few Theon change it fics out there, so this one is a diamond in the rough for me. Thank you for writing it, cause ill keep reading it. Ready to see what surprises Theon has for his enemies now that he can warg into his bird.
12/6 c94 Eiji11
I got tired of nothing happening is this fic, dropped.
11/29 c93 Drakena
can't wait to read the next chapter
11/29 c87 Drakena
11/29 c76 Drakena
I love Satin and am sad that he is not in very many fanfictions
11/27 c93 TianYi
good job loras
11/27 c93 wen.vallejos
Gran final! ! ! , Loras esta forjando su propio camino y no recibir√° nada de nadie indigno. Gracias por tu trabajo y tiempo.
11/27 c93 Death Lantern
Bards will sing ballads for Loras the bad arsed! or is it smelly arsed? Don't know, don't care.
11/27 c93 vastoisshin
Loras the continued badass off the story strikes again Loras the madman close to Stannis the Mannis.
11/27 c93 2bakapervert
Nice end for Varys there
11/21 c92 vastoisshin
A war unending with only one as the victor
11/19 c92 Eiji11
another filler chapter, at least is a Nice one...
11/8 c90 Reader
Great chapter thanks for the upload, :D

Hope you get better and no rush with the chapters your health is more important. So take it easy ;)
11/9 c90 KingSayan
Your stories "What is dead may never die" and "The Redfish" are so similar that I dare say "If you read one, you don't need to read the other." I mean seriously you have two different SIs in two different stories and what do you do? Make them both Kings and an ally to Daenerys Targaryen. And very same in personality.

Please be more original with your work.
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