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for Wind Monk Banishment

4/2 c8 Primarx
interesting story story. a pity the original author have thrown it away.
11/7/2021 c8 Reedz22
I loved everything thing about this! no complaints and can't wait for the interaction Naruto and the rest have.
10/30/2021 c4 Guest
The original version of this story was removed from this website without weakening OR explanation! No idea how you got your hands on the original content!
10/30/2021 c1 volcasiron30
i love this story is this the same Wind monk banished story from a few years ago. i hope you continue this, because the original author had discontinued this story.
10/30/2021 c4 Reedz22
I LOVED THIS. Alsways loved banished or betrayed fanfics
10/30/2021 c3 bankai777
Have Naruto learn Shunpo.

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