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1/23 c10 Dalumbr
V! S! S!

V! S! S!

Also, potential for Tight Black Leather...

V! S! S!
3h c10 seanjoshmassey
While I enjoy this as a fan of your other works, it's obvious that the constraints of the RWBY world are ruining your writing. This has been boring almost thd entire way through. You're at your best when it's a more simple, constrained story between a few characters. Even something as basic as the jaune/salem story in Knight Of is infinitely better than this. The only charactes I'm even slightly interested in here are leviathan, ashari and null. Everything else here is bland at best. I was hoping for a sort of 1v1 tournament style story. This just has way too much crap going on. I don't care about ANY of the 'main' world characters even a little. A return to form, what you're really good at, after this story would be great.
1/23 c10 Hello
Is Velvet part of the VSS? Barista might flip sides
1/22 c10 Guest
AHA! Is Oobleck an anchor that hid his Jaune from the initial meeting? The tip off that Ruby said her aura was stolen from her is something that he'd only know from the start of Chapter 9, following Leviathan's death. That would mean Ozpin and Glynda relayed this info to the other teachers, which would perfectly enable Oobleck to relay it to Rat, the clever bastard.

7h c10 1Trapdere
Waaaait, are you saying this Oobleck is also In Kingdom's Service Oobleck? I can't see him just trusting someone to give him orders.

Side note, while your story is as exciting as ever, recently there's a whole lot of typos in your new chapters.
1/22 c10 Reader
Would like to think it's Ozpin controlling Rat
Fate learns this and spins it to make it look like Ozpin wants the wish for himself
After all if Salem can have one then so can Ozpin
10h c10 Cheshirek3t
Ah, agent rat
By far one of my favorites
Man the nostalgia
13h c1 Cheshirek3t
Barista feels like such a mafia name
Jaune "The Barista" Arc

On another note, coeur dude, you took a silly and cracky concept and made it into something worthy reading, thanks and congrats
1/22 c10 Guest
I like to see ashari's interactions. and it would be nice to see him fight to the death against tyrian.
1/22 c10 Maddax
Seems to me Ashari has a bit of a pride problem as well. He's been banking on reaching Emerald through future (sideways?) knowledge and charisma alone. He should have killed Cinder off much earlier. Either before he could have been expected to know how attached this Emerald is to her, or before he started openly disagreeing with her and pinned it on Null, who is 'obviously' a spiteful, uncooperative psychopath who would throw away his wish to screw someone else over.

And Rat finally showed up. I still suspect Fate for bumping off Levi though. Character and narrative wise, it is a better fit. Fate was there when Levi admitted to not having aura, not there when he was shot and the method fits his modus operandi to a T. Of course, considering aura doesn't bestow any passive protection, for a sniper the whole 'no aura' thing doesn't make any sort of difference whatsoever, so I might have to rethink this line of reasoning.

So that still leaves Equalizer, Knight of Salem, Good Turn and Eternal Crown unaccounted for, and From Beyond - if you pardon the pun - in limbo.
1/22 c10 Guest
Ah, Emerald. A simp with shit taste. Ashari's got his work cut out for him.

Edgy boi Null bites off more than he can chew.
1/22 c10 Guest
“She never loved you. Used you, yes, but bever loved.”

I chuckled when I saw the bever, it made me think of Cinder as a kawaii beaver with a webtoon art style
1/22 c10 Guest
Glad to see Rat make an appearance, but what story is Ashari from?
1/22 c10 MahBuddyKeith
Ogey! Rrat!
1/22 c10 Guest
Aww I wanted to see sheep he’s my favorite one.
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