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3/20 c41 Guest
I get the ending but having fate win would’ve been the perfect set up for his story. It all would’ve tied back in a nice victory lap to the story that secured you as THE GUY in fanfiction. Also that NTF sequel has to roll around eventually.
3/9 c16 HisJoeness
its so that his paperwork automatically does its self isnt it
3/4 c38 Efthee
holy crap that ending was awesome
2/20 c26 MLG Samantha
The part about Emerald being gay strikes me as a bit odd, I don't remember her being gay in relic of the future, I thought she had a thing going on with Sun. Unless that version of her isn't gay and this version is? But then how would Ashari know that she's gay?
2/18 c34 1LJDelu
Currently on Chapter 34, and I seriously thought ghost Jaune would return and just fight Cinder as Amber
2/12 c41 woodxvii
I like that she words it like the seduction was totally out her control. "It's too late! He's seen the bellabooty, he'll never be satisfied by anything else. Curse my beauty!"
2/12 c40 woodxvii
Excellent end to a story, I always like seeing gods being depicted as inhuman and unknowable. It's difficult to capture in a story cause you kind of have to personify them to a degree but it's still cool. Though man of all the iterations headmaster is easily the most unlikable, maybe on purpose to foil his popularity? It's all well and good to be teaching lessons when you aren't the one who has to deal with the consequences, the world is infinitely wider than his students afterall
2/7 c41 1Ethos The ET
I have read several of your fics. Not all, not yet, but several. Going into this I thought it a very interesting idea. I didn't consider the battle of the Jaunes to end that way until just before it did, and when it did I couldn't help but think, "that's such a Coeur way of ending it". And that final chapter was just so perfect that it had me laughing and squealing like I know Yang wanted too, and I know now that it could never have ended any other way. All your fics up to now have been works of art. This? This is a God-damned (yes I did that on purpose) masterpiece!
2/5 c41 4Derin Leviathan
I hope this Review finds you well. As a dedicated fan of your work since late 2017, I have thoroughly enjoyed every single story you have written. However, I must express my disappointment with your lbook, Arc Royale. While I have high expectations for your work, I feel that this particular book falls short of your established quality. I've gone back and forth several times trying to figure out how I would like to word this, I do not hate this story in fact I find it quite fun but when I go through it and reread it like I do from time to time with all your stories. It just feels like some of the ideas weren't executed as well as they could have been.

I believe there were many missed opportunities in this book. The characters felt rushed and underdeveloped, and there was a lack of interaction between them. I feel that the story could have greatly benefited from more time to breathe and for the characters to have more opportunities to develop. Additionally, I was disappointed that characters like Qrow didn't have a larger role and that Ashari was never given the chance to face actual adults. These missed opportunities are a serious disappointment to me and detract from the overall experience of the book.

I am writing to express my thoughts and hope that you will take my feedback into consideration for your future work. I am a big fan of your writing and believe that you have the potential to create truly great works of fiction and you already have on several occasions , if you are open to it. I believe that constructive criticism can help us all grow and improve,

Thank you for taking the time to read my Review. I look forward to your future work and hope that you will consider my feedback.

Best regards,

2/3 c41 Niuzu0130
I past the last 5 h reading this history and all i can say is that i really enjoyed it
2/3 c39 Niuzu0130
Jajjajjjj xd
2/3 c30 tylerlane8
that was as bullcrap as madaras defeat in naruto
2/1 c41 Guest
Rereading and I do really like this story, however I can’t help but feel the last portion was rushed a bit.

It was right around when Fate sacrificed himself that I felt as if you were really looking to get this story over with, he spends the entire story keeping a leash on his emotions for DA WISH and then he just so suddenly happens to lose his grip on his self-destructive tendencies, and his chance at DA WISH, right when he was only two kills away? And for PYRRHA? The same Pyrrha who has spent almost no time with Fate that wasn’t filled with hostility or straight up ignoring him.

But I still liked Arc Royale, on first read and reread, the fact it was shorter than your longer works was refreshing and seeing different Jaune’s from stories I hadn’t thought about in a while made me pretty nostalgic, like who expected HUNTER to show up!
1/22 c41 4Bowserjrrules
Wow, such an interesting wrap to the story. You did quite well balancing their personalities of the Jaune's while foreshadowing many of the twists quite cleverly. Rereading the story after reading the original fanfics was also a very enlightening experience being able to follow most, not quite all, of the characters motivations while still being surprised by twists in characters after failing to connect the dots. Anyway magnificent story, keep up the excellent work!
1/20 c41 Blazing winter
wait, what happened to the Ashari and the rest of the arcs that died? Do they go back to their own worlds?
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