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5/11 c31 Yang
Ruby is wounded.
5/11 c30 Yang
Grimm and Knight are dead.
5/11 c29 Yang
Is Ironwood alive?

So Agent is working with Ozpin.
5/10 c28 Yang
Fate is going to kill Warchief.
5/10 c27 Yang
Grimm has challenged Knight.

What do Headmaster and Xiong plan to do?
5/10 c26 Yang
Emerald is going to miss Mercury.
5/10 c25 Yang
Knight is very powerful.
5/10 c24 Yang
Yang is worried about Ruby.
5/10 c23 Yang
Grimm wants to help Salem.

Another bomb?

Knight is tired of waiting.
5/9 c22 Yang
Revolutionary is Sienna Khan's boyfriend.
5/9 c21 Yang
Grimm loves his mother.
5/9 c20 Yang
Jaune and Fate arrived at Headmaster's party.
5/9 c19 Yang
Qrow is returning to Beacon.
5/9 c18 Yang
Adam is crazy.
5/9 c17 Yang
Are Cinder and the others going to escape?

Chaos is bad for business.
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