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for A Benson-Stabler Holiday Series

2/24/2023 c20 noro
Looking forward to read more please excellent writing
2/23/2023 c20 47WriterKC
Love this :)
2/8/2023 c19 WriterKC
Aww now this is the kind of birthday she deserves
2/8/2023 c19 noro
Excellent writing can't wait to read more
2/7/2023 c19 8kassidygean
Amazing chapter, I'm looking forward to your next update
12/15/2022 c18 47WriterKC
Love this
12/15/2022 c18 noro
Keep those chapters rolling in excellent writing update soon
12/14/2022 c18 Benslerfan4ever
So I'm assuming pips means chips? As in chocolate chips
12/14/2022 c18 ManderleyLane
I could feel the warmth of Eli coming home to his family. Love how you wrote him visiting each person. Just lovely.

These two are the cutest!
"Wate up, buddee," Nate said with a big grin. "No made wapples wif pips!"
"And bacon! Dad taught me. I'm basically a chef now!" Came Noah's voice from the kitchen.

I will take fluff and domestic EO any day of the week!
11/8/2022 c17 Egall318
LOVE the throwback role play,’ never read that before & it is perfect!
11/8/2022 c17 WriterKC
Always enjoy these holiday oneshots :)
11/6/2022 c17 8kassidygean
Great chapter though I really wish you would have finished the sex seen...
11/6/2022 c17 ManderleyLane
Again. Nate. The best.

Oh… sigh. Love this.
“She heard the smile in his voice and felt it on his face when he spoke.”
11/6/2022 c16 ManderleyLane
These two always know how to keep the loving in their marriage. Good for them!

Love the scene on the bed with Nate, El, and Olivia. Sweetness!

Nate is the cutest!
"Mama! My Eyi home!" Nate basically yelled into the camera.

So glad Olivia had that talk with Eli. And that ending with El was endearing.
11/6/2022 c17 twoshy1013
THEY WERE 90’s BENSON AND STABLER! Hands down best costume ever! Talk about reliving their fantasies! I died! It was perfect!

Nate and his words kill me every damn time! I love that kid! He was so cute picking out the family stick figure costumes and the colors for each. I love how much he is learning from El and when he told his momma nice catch…I melted like a snow cone in Phoenix.

So glad that Jenny is back with Eli and the all good in the hood mama had me cracking up LOL! I love all the little stuff and conversations they all have and each kids giant personality and such a part of their lives.

I hope you continue this throughout the rest of the holiday seasons again…year 2…I love it! I still want your need your Emmy’s story and I’m so glad you are still updating Watching you. Keep up the magic!
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