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6/24 c3 Courier
i get that i am like... years late. but the order for the execution of the Orc Army is out of Ainz's character at this point. yes in the future he DOES commit mass murder, but at this point he's still mostly human with human morals.
2/7 c8 Guest
I like the story but it would be interesting if nazarick was sent to the slime world and rimuro to the new world how would it go on.
1/20 c4 problake123
Wish granted to whoever is reincarnated/summoned into this world.
I've answered this once already. Ainz getting his player-character is his wish granted. I'm not making him more powerful, he'll have to figure out himself how to increase his own power in this world
Also remove level cap? And alllow him to choose any class/race level within reason class can be any he meets the requirements for mostly being preclasses or rare cases race requirements and karma requirements race thou hed only be able to pick from skeleton based maybe zombie based and maybe sprit based and possible a few others but realistically he anit gonna be getting a level in slime or dragon or stuff like that it would have to already fit his race type as undead maybe he could get a god of death race and/or class as an evolution to overlord of death or maybe stick another one in-between \_(ツ)_/ let the creativity run wild
1/15 c1 E
This is... rough. I think I'll stick to the other stories with a similar premise. There are a lot of grammatical mistakes. Lots of run of sentences, almost every sentence has one or two words that are capitalized for no reason, and there's a frightening lack of punctuation. I could ignore it if it was only occasional, but almost every paragraph has one or two missing periods, making really long and hard to read sentences.

Not to mention that there's seemingly whole sections of the story missing. I won't accuse you of plagarization, as that's petty, and instead assume there were ideas in your head that simply didn't make it to the text. The best example I can give is that Ainz agrees to travel with Rimuru to the end of the cave... after that hasn't even been brought up yet and Rimuru hasn't mentioned anything of the sort. He essentially just talks to himself.

Spelling is pretty decent, I'll assume that's mostly the work of your beta given the other issues.

All around, it's actively difficult to read. Perhaps later chapters are better, but I'm not gonna try and read them.

4/10 for execution, but the premise was cool.
1/11 c9 Jajo Camello
I'm in agreement with Solidorex's comment about goals not aligning with each other. Just because people are allied with each other, doesn't necessarily mean they see eye to eye on topics in general.

Take your time, I personally think this chapter was decent for its length.
1/10 c9 2the mysterious Mr.E
can't wait to see what will happen next.
1/10 c9 11Solidorex
Great that this is back. And I love the rivalry between the two you created, shows they dont have equal goals. Something other writers ignore. Hope you continue this. You dont have to release long chapters, just this length is enjoyable enough.
10/22/2022 c8 Jeff247
Great work so far.
10/16/2022 c8 Dremer1999
Хорошая история.
Блин я не успеваю на ссылки дискорд.
10/9/2022 c8 Guest
Bro when will the next chapter come? I love you fic
8/31/2022 c2 Kr3yZy
I think ainz can learn new magic with his dark wisdom skill to perform a ritual or sacrifice in order to learn new magic
7/16/2022 c1 candrariski155
Please continue, I'm curious about what's next
7/3/2022 c1 27JensenDaniels32
It's redundant if you explain what is basically the same thing twice.
5/23/2022 c2 Guest
La tumba de Nazarick tambien llego a este mundo?
5/18/2022 c8 Weedainz
Hey author can u pls update this story first thn move on 2nd one
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