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11/12/2022 c1 2Ghostguy12
Okay, haven't finished yet, and I am liking it so far, but I do want to say that I think it's kind of a simplistic assumption on Zelda's part to say that Link is luckier than her. Being thrown into adulthood so suddenly before promptly being forced into a dozen near-death experiences against horrifying creatures is the exact opposite of what I'd call lucky. You could say "at least Zelda's brain had time to properly mature/develop and she didn't have to risk her life even a quarter as much" and it would be just as valid. Both of them were ultimately equally robbed of their childhoods. Even if Link can return to the form of a child, any innocence he could have kept is gone. Childhood is an empty experience now, at best he'd likely be traumatized and at worst he's an adult stuck in a child's body for who knows how many years. Not to mention, at least Zelda can return to her people. Link can never be part of the place and people he called home. I'm sure Link also thinks of Child Timeline Zelda as lucky. But envying others doesn't get anyone anywhere. None of this is to lessen what Adult Timeline Zelda's gone through, she's still undeniably gone through things Link hasn't had to and I don't think grief should be made into a competition anyway, but the point is that Zelda's not gonna get anywhere closer to healing by envying others or making assumptions about their experiences. All that said I'm not criticizing your writing, it's still understandable why Zelda would think that, just wanted to comment on it.

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