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5h c15 3AbruptlyChagrined
Aro is soooooo slimy.
BUT his home sounds divine, I must admit.
5h c15 BethMasenCullen
Oooooh another great chapter, love! I'm enjoying the back and forth between Bella and Masen... I wonder if he knows more about her than he lets on? Cannot wait for more!
5h c15 neelix lee
Thank you
8h c15 biblepam
I love Bella's inner monologues of what she'd like to do to Aronov..
8h c15 Amber Energi
Wow! I don’t know how I missed that you have a sense story, but this is fantastic! I am completely invested
9h c15 lmb1
tensions are running high. I think she fulfilled Edward's directive very well...although I think she would have done the same without his advice.
9h c15 Bevey99
Who is the cat, the mouse, or the dog? Good chapter, though I can't see a way for her to be out at twilight/ Thanks for sharing
9h c15 edwards-debussy
Thank you! Fantastic update :)
10h c15 roxiegirl
Oh how I love Bella. She’s so far ahead of Aro it’s not even funny. She could kill him with her bare hands. I kinda hope she does. But I think Edward may be just a teeny bit on to Bella? Ty!
10h c15 tas62
Oh man, this story is so intriguing I can't wait for more.
11h c15 Cullenosopy
It's probably a good thing Masen continues to give Bella useful information. Not sure how Bella will bring back said weapons and toys, I'm guessing she has a special baggy running gear.

Thank you!
11h c15 Kimmie50
Bella knows all about Edward, with the exception of what he's exactly doing there. He outright said it! He has things to do there. Hmm.
Yet, I wonder what Edward thinks of Bella? Does he think she's more than she seems? Maybe. Then again, he maybe not. Maybe he has a feeling that he needs to protect her and Rose? Along with the lust, of course. Lol.
Who know? I'm throwing questions out there. I would love an Edward update, but I know this is mainly Bella pov. I'll have to wear you down. Lol
Thanks so much updating! I absolutely loved it.
11h c15 18Maplestyle
I cannot wait until she guts him like a fish
11h c15 they call me red
Teacher here - this story is saving me right now. I couldn’t read this in my car before driving away today. Thanks for the hit. Haha
12h c15 WiltshireGlo
Brilliant. I love Masen looking out for her, but holy hell Aronov is a creep of highest creepiness. He makes my skin crawl.

I love how Bella challenges him, dies her own thing, takes everything in, fakes well and is all round bad ass. I also love that she has to remind herself not to break his fingers!

So much to love - thank you xo
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