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for The Cleaner

26m c46 nebfan51
LOVED IT! Learned a lot also :-)
2h c46 everlong21
Much love to you for the writing of this fic. Thank you!

The research and knowledge into the background fabric of the story was always so impressive. I know I marveled more than once, about the languages and the geography, the cultures and the espionage.
I loved how it ended, with Masen as the frogman he is, to go tie up loose ends, then swim up to her on a yacht in the ocean, with an explosion on the horizon. Perfect :)
9h c45 19Fyrebyrd
What a team
9h c44 Fyrebyrd
will E be joining B's private firm?
10h c43 Fyrebyrd
Bye bye Feliks
10h c42 Fyrebyrd
well that started off so innocently lol
10h c41 Fyrebyrd
Welp, that gives us a definitive end date for this mission
10h c40 Fyrebyrd
11h c39 Fyrebyrd
Ready to kill them all and get the fuck back to the farm
11h c38 Fyrebyrd
saved by the skin of her teeth
11h c37 Fyrebyrd
Lol, I don't suppose we're going for murder charges
13h c36 Fyrebyrd
I'm with Bella, Misha killing him might be fun.
13h c35 Fyrebyrd
eager to see Carlisle rescued and the shit to hit the fan w/E, B, and R.
13h c34 Fyrebyrd
So many risks
14h c33 Fyrebyrd
Interested to see what goes on in Florence
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