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4/20 c46 Lore562
I loved this so much
2/9 c46 2Pa Trizia 88
It's over...sob...looking forward to more of them...? That Masen is just too fine to never meet again ;)
Thx for the ride!
2/5 c38 Pa Trizia 88
Oh fckkkk that was close! I really thought you'd go there! Phew! Gosh, I'm on edge now! Heart hammering and I want to run to our saviour and squeeze the shit out of him!
2/3 c26 Pa Trizia 88
Yesss, Glockblock will make it to fandoms best lines in a ffn story! Lmao.
I loved everything about this chapter!
2/3 c17 Pa Trizia 88
In my mind, Masen not only swept their rooms off cameras, he also "redecorated", leaving a subtle message to B with that Chagalle...or? I don't think Aro has that much romance in his slimey heart to send such an intelligent message through a piece of art. But maybe I'm wrong, cause Masen is intense, can be tender, but also has to keep covering his tracks.
I just love this!
2/2 c13 Pa Trizia 88
Oh hell this was almost overdue. Only almost because that sizzle is just too sweet to be rushed! But dayum, what's with the fade to black again? damn glad this is already completed and bingeable !
1/31 c10 Pa Trizia 88
Ugh...sizzle growing into a full blown vulcano pretty soon!
Love badass Bella and mystery Ed!
1/30 c9 Pa Trizia 88
Nine chapters in I owe you some reviews, but this is a page turner and I need to keep reading! Thank you for this intriguing story with its captivating personalities and sizzling dynamics.
I love it!
1/20 c46 dandelionswish
Such a good story. Thank you for sharing.

I do hope Maria got to come back with the team!
1/9 c46 Moltz
What a dangerous pair these two make.

That was an exciting story.
Thank you for sharing it with us.
1/9 c45 Moltz
The team has gained a member and they’re ready to take on another assignment.
What happened to recovery time?
Love Eli.
1/9 c44 Moltz
Aro, The lonely man who wanted desperately to be loved, found his muse truly was the death of him.
How did Rosalie survive Felix?
What happens to all of Aro’s bank accounts and properties?
1/9 c43 Moltz
Hopefully Rosalie will skillfully take Feliks out and return to the room with a plan to help release Bella.
Where is Eli’s team when she needs him?
1/9 c42 Moltz
Feliks step up Bella. Will she be held below the wine cellar?
Will Edward be asked to extract information from her
Or will Aro be the one to interrogate her?
It’s time to call on Eli for an extraction.
1/9 c41 Moltz
Will she move him to the bed?
Will all those drugs have a long term effect on his brain?
Rosalie is going to need extra precautions and an extraction team to help her disappear while being transferred to Alex’s boat.
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