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4/25/2023 c46 breaksea
I really enjoyed that. Just as I enjoyed Operation. Look forward to the next one
4/20/2023 c46 butterfingers11
Loved your story! So well researched and plotted out. I really enjoyed the pace of the plot and all the little gray areas you explored.
4/16/2023 c46 Secretive Gal
Incredible story. Loved it. Aside from the obvious, i really liked the well written the intelligence stuff
4/15/2023 c46 fanfictionalcolic
Incredible story, as usual i a, amazed by the amount of knowledge you have or research you did.
4/13/2023 c45 JustARead
Never ends…
4/13/2023 c44 JustARead
Kinda bittersweet in a weird way
4/13/2023 c43 JustARead
Oh no…I don’t understand why Felix wasn’t punished for letting Kauis get to her. I mean, I know it got him info but still.
4/13/2023 c42 JustARead
4/13/2023 c41 JustARead
too close
4/13/2023 c38 JustARead
4/13/2023 c37 JustARead
4/13/2023 c36 JustARead
4/13/2023 c35 JustARead
I ALMOST feel bad for Aro. I mean, he's a pos, but he really seems to love her & he's trying. He's like 2 personalities.
4/13/2023 c34 JustARead
yes please lol
4/13/2023 c32 JustARead
bad ass b
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