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4/12/2023 c10 JustARead
4/12/2023 c9 JustARead
4/12/2023 c8 JustARead
He wants to protect her
4/12/2023 c6 JustARead
uh ohhhh
4/12/2023 c5 JustARead
I was wondering how they used their real names, smart
4/12/2023 c4 JustARead
4/12/2023 c3 JustARead
Oh shit
4/12/2023 c2 JustARead
4/12/2023 c1 JustARead
The way it was Bella was not expecting that
4/6/2023 c46 13arthemys
Awesome fic, I binged it in 3 days ;) I loved this badass Bella, this troubling Edward, and what a villain you wrote with Aronov! That was truly a wonderful work! Thanks !
4/5/2023 c46 mrsvixter
great fict
loved it
well done
3/31/2023 c46 saintfudge
Great story glad I waited for complete so I could binge it ..thanks for sharing ..the character names did drive me nuts trying to remember who was who ..thanks again have fun
3/30/2023 c46 ndhrhhd
omg! i love this story so much! i hope there's sequel to rhis story haha. thank you for the great work!
3/29/2023 c46 snickyj
LOVED THIS! I was so excited to see that this fic was completed AND that you started another one. I love your characters and stories so much. THANK YOU!
3/29/2023 c46 MetteKrebs
Really great read, you sucked me in from the very beginning and had me feeling i was part of the action. You did a great job with mixing the Russian into the mix, just enough not to annoy, and I really like your translations and explanation at the end of each chapter. Thank you for sharing
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