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6/10 c30 1Alice's White Rabbit
It was great to learn so much back-history on both of them. Neither had an easy childhood, but they both seem to have fond memories of it.

When I lived in NC, it was right on the outskirts of Fort Bragg-yeah, that place is huge!

Thanks, Kate!
6/10 c30 Honorary Tiger Mom
I loved this chapter and all the history it revealed. I liked the fact their stories were shared as “pillow talk.” Thank you.
6/10 c30 Romana973
Thanks for a great chapter. It was good to hear about their lives. And I’m imagining a young Edward speaking Russian to his babka — good image.
6/10 c30 cctwilight
Loved hearing about their pasts and what brought them to where they are now. Masen and Bella are so hot together. I hope Bella doesn't have to sleep with Aronov. I am worried that Masen will become reckless if Bella is harmed in any way and vice versa for Bella if something happens to Masen.
6/10 c30 pnkats
Glad they were finally able to get some alone time and just be able to unwind , be themselves, and communicate with one another on their pasts.
6/10 c30 lmb1
Getting close is going to make this easier and harder for them at the same time. Emotions will make things more complicated for sure.
6/10 c30 Emulation91
Loved the intimacy in this chapter. The physical, of course. But loved them opening up to each other about their lives, too. Thanks for giving us this little respite before everything inevitably hits the fan in the upcoming chapters!
6/10 c30 Guest
It’s amazing the work you’re doing with this story!
6/10 c30 3AbruptlyChagrined
So basically...Masen's Grandpa was calling Grandma...his Homegirl?
6/10 c30 2TwiTwiAgain
You have such great knowledge of military. Write what you know, they finding out more about these two.
6/10 c30 6yogacat
Extremely murky and f'ed up.

Best chapter. Had me wrapped up and right there with them.

Thank you tink
6/10 c30 sherylb
The sex was seriously HOT! They are a perfect match.
Truly hope that Bella doesn’t have to sleep with Aronov
6/10 c30 anyagal
Aaahhh it was FANTASTIC! Very hot and visceral, and I loved how they opened up to each other in the second half of the chapter. Moya rodnaya definitely has a 'blood of my blood, bone of my bone' vibe to it. Apparently Masen's grandmother was an amazing woman. Thank you for another great chapter, as always!
6/9 c30 4Halo221
Loved this chapter. I'm such a sucker for this type of intimacy. There's sex and it was hot, but it's also deepening their connection emotionally, talking about their origins and struggles and getting on the same page about their present challenges. I know we can't stay all cozy and intimate but I'm kind of already missing this chapter's vibe since we know things are coming to a head soon.
6/9 c30 cullengirl1983
As always your writing is such a joy to read. The first part of this chapter was gahhhh and then I loved their 20 questions and getting to know one another. I hope Bella doesn't have to sleep with Aro but Edward's reaction was perfect.
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