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3/25/2023 c1 saintfudge
I have had this on my Alerts waiting for complete ..and must have missed it ..I will see you at the end ..thanks for sharing have fun
3/23/2023 c46 Talk
Brilliant. Up there with my all time favourites, and now I shall go read another one of yours.
3/20/2023 c46 marigold123
Wow! I couldn’t put this story down! I loved the way you wrote these characters…drama, action, suspense and romance…plus blood and murder. I almost felt sorry for Aronov…but in the end he got what he deserved. Thank you for writing.
3/18/2023 c46 2Clumsy Bedo
Also finished this one. Hot damn.
1. I listened to Me and the Devil by Soap&Skin (for Operation: Break the Dawn it was Hope by NF btw) which fit somehow perfectly with the tempo and theme of this story, at least in my mind.
2. I'm suffering from 'I am delusional enough to think if I train a lot I could be as fit as they are' hahaha so yeah it's inspiring me to get back in shape and finally pick up Krav Maga or something like that. So thank you for that
3. I'm so glad that I stumbled upon your stories. I love your writing style and how you flush out the characters. So overall thank you, I'll start reading the next one immediately. Glad to see there are a couple left but I'll probably reread this and Operation: Breaking the Dawn.
3/18/2023 c46 4FilicitySykes
I've loved this story and binge-read it over two days! Please please please tell us your considering a sequel, I love these characters you've cooked up!
3/18/2023 c46 sosueme
The story is out of the world, so captivating! Me this week: rushing around doing my life so I can race back to this story. Mostly I'm horrified by the ruthlessness of this world, but I'm so sucked into the characters, even the most ruthless ones seem to have a shred of humanity underneath. Crazy ride.
3/17/2023 c46 debb lavoie
This story was friggin amazing! You did excellent research and wrote one of the best stories. Thank you.
3/17/2023 c44 debb lavoie
He was a complex man, crazy as a loon.
3/17/2023 c41 debb lavoie
Love how Bella plays him, such a dangerous game.
3/17/2023 c40 debb lavoie
Fabulous chapter, the characters are SO intense, love them.
3/16/2023 c46 6AngelaAbbot
Fantastic story! Apologies for not reviewing each chapter but I couldn’t stop myself from devouring the whole thing in one go.
Action packed, brilliant characters that were so well written. Aro wasn’t just a 2 dimensional bad guy, you gave him very human flaws, insecurities and fears.
Loved it and will definitely be one I come back to in future. Thank you!
3/15/2023 c46 Jinx095
WOW! What an incredible story! I literally could not stop reading!
3/14/2023 c37 sosueme
Whoa, what a chapter. The action and menace in this story makes for some great palpitations - thanks!
3/11/2023 c46 1dreamthief19
Okay I loooooooved this story. I stayed up all night two nights in a row reading it! It was so well written and unlike anything I'd read before. You have an uncanny ability to show emotions in your writing and it genuinely made me feel for these characters, even the bad ones. That last scene with Aronov... so good. So much emotion. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
3/10/2023 c1 3bellamarie117
Why have I never given this a read?! First chapter was awesome. So excited to read more!
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