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3/10/2023 c1 3bellamarie117
Why have I never given this a read?! First chapter was awesome. So excited to read more!
3/9/2023 c1 Ajfflady
Well, you did it again. I read parts as a WIP but wanted the full HD4K experience of reading it complete as a katinki action thriller. Once again reading this was better than a movie just like Break the Dawn.
You attention to detail and descriptive narrative is so engaging for a reader. Each scene of espionage or eroticisms was so well developed and exquisitely written. I love your stuff lady.
I could go on and on about this story but I will add it to my favorites to be read again and again.
Bless you for giving us this amazing fic.
3/7/2023 c46 neese2707
I have thoroughly enjoyed this story. Thank you for your writing. I particularly enjoyed it because there is so much detail, rather than never ending lemons with little content.
3/6/2023 c46 Pink Sphinx
OMG! What can I say? I haven't enjoyed something this much in forever. The plot, the characters, and the writing are all simply amazing. I didn't want it to end, I thought I was reading a published book! I cant praise it enough. Thank you for writing this and allowing us to read your wonderful work xxxx
3/5/2023 c46 2grinslikeadevil
SO GOOD! Can I just say thay I LOVE BADASS BELLA! Now I can’t wait for more of this Bella on OLTF! I also love how you included Eli here. It was like reading an AU of your OBTD. Lol! I literally finished this in less than two days. Probably one of the fastest I’ve ever done. I just can’t stooop. Srsly what r u doing to me. Not complaining, if anything, by all means continue. I really can’t wait for more. I can only imagine the research you do in your stories. It must’ve been hard, but honestly reading them makes all the wait so worth it. As always, thank you for sharing this and for recommending it!
3/4/2023 c46 ChrisDGoosey
Really, really enjoyed this from start to finish. Thank you. One of the best fics I’ve read in ages
3/3/2023 c46 Pjszoo
As always with your stories, I adored this one! Thank you for sharing.
3/1/2023 c46 6Payton79
I just finished this story in three days, and since I had to work full time on the side, that says a lot, lol.
Damn, I love stories where the writer manges to create suspense and drama without making it all about the angst and doubt between the protagonists. This is really well-written, and I even have to admit I cried a little when Aronov died. You managed to make me feel immense sympathy for him on some level, all the while knowing and agreeing that, yes, he has to die. Thank you for writing and sharing this great story.
2/28/2023 c46 2lfleurdelys2
You are such a gifted writer. This story was simply excellent and I admire how much your words convey such a vibrant world that completely immerses the reader in. The characters were bold, strong, and multi-faceted. Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent!
2/28/2023 c1 Guest
Like the chapter
2/26/2023 c46 WshOnAFallnStar
Thoroughly enjoyed this story! Can't wait to read your next :)
2/26/2023 c46 Guest
WOW,WOW,WOW...Haven't been this captivated by story in a long time. Glad it was complete when I found, because I would have gone nuts waiting. You did an amazing job writing, plot, details, translations, everything was so so good. It was intense, but not overly romantic, thoug did become a couple.
As I'm reading this, I kept wondering if you would write another plot/Story for this group of characters. I can picture them in action down the road. Just like that Gravity Series we're all familiar with. I've marked you as favorite writer. Just in case you know ;) wink wink. Now I'm off to read other goodies you have written congrats on your win too. Continue to write please. Hugs

2/26/2023 c44 Guest
Have to say, felt sad for Aro. Perhaps in different world. Time, he could of been a good guy.
2/25/2023 c46 TwiFanfictionRecs
Congratulations! The Cleaner has been voted the No.1 fic completed in January by visitors of www . twifanfictionrecs . com
2/23/2023 c1 SoCalTwiNurse
Ok…awesome first chapter! Wasn’t sure who’s POV I was reading then was thinking it was probably Edward lol. Pleasantly surprised it was Bella!
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