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6/9 c30 6Cheerra12
Once again an excellent chapter! Can’t wait for the next one!
6/9 c30 26Sunshine1220
Pretty sure I need a cigarette after that chapter, and I don’t even smoke. Lol. Loved all the backstory, too. Can’t wait for more!
6/9 c30 BukakkeGirl
Maybe I have trust issues, but I just don’t trust Edward asking so much and almost answering so little. I still have half an eye on him.
6/9 c29 2TwiTwiAgain
Phew! So glad you didn’t end this chapter before he decided to stop. That was the cliffhanger I was worried about.
6/8 c28 TwiTwiAgain
This is why I didn’t finish the chapter right away; I knew something bad was coming. I’d be pondering what happened every day until the next update.

I couldn’t stay away any longer.
6/6 c29 fanfictionalcolic
Riskier every day
6/5 c29 Mrs.Cullen620913
Can’t wait for next chapter
6/4 c29 karen4honor
6/4 c28 karen4honor
Gosh… I’m going to have a heart attack! You’re joking with that suspense and all-around violence and danger. It’s nerve racking but delicious… can’t wait for more! Thank yyooouuu
5/31 c29 Blue Armanda
What an amazing story! I've been holding my breath in several chapters. I can't wait to read more!
5/30 c29 4BilliCullen
Whew! I think I held my breath the entire time I was reading! I get so anxious with this one- worrying about them getting caught.
Fabulous chapter, as usual! Can’t wait for more.
5/30 c29 simplynothingtosay
Now I see why you love writing villains so much. So much delicious juice! All characters can be favorite characters to read or write!
5/29 c29 Cullenosopy
Bella doesn't know what Jasper's fancy gadget does? I'm not sure what to make of that. Thank gawd YOU know! HA!

Yes, you're scaring us. If Bella's scared, I'm scared. Bella may be a bad ass, but she cannot outrun a bullet.

I'm enjoying this immensely!

Thank you!
5/29 c29 FenixMJR
That was a close one, they need to finish the job quickly, loved that chapter, thank you for posting
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