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7/15 c32 Rita01tx
That was quite the encounter Bella had with Koshmarin! While she gleaned some good info from his phone conversation, I hope she didn't go too far in allowin' him to know she understands and speaks Russian! Oh, and puttin' him on his knees could come back to bite her in the butt LOL!
7/15 c32 cullengirl1983
I was not expecting that ending! I think Bella took a big gamble. Hopefully it will pay off. Koshmarin is definitely going to come after her even if he can't tell Aro what happened. I wonder if Bella will somehow set him up so Aronov finds out that he not only assaulted her again but is also going around him in the business. Aro will NOT like that and I think Aro's brutal side would come out to play in a big way! I loved the conversation with Rose and then Edward. They are so good at what they do!
7/15 c32 SMB1988
Awesome, can't wait for more...
7/15 c32 lmb1
Yikes, I am not sure it was a wise move to let her skills show the day before they are planning the great escape. Although, she will have some bruises to corroborate her version if needed.
7/15 c32 exclusiverob
Damn, shit is getting real and so close. I'm so glad they are planning on extracting Carlise. I'm really worried about Koshmarin. He is going to be more determined to kill Bella soon. Thanks
7/15 c32 debslmac
7/15 c32 mysticfighter111
Rose's idea for diverting the attention away from Bella and Masen was genius. It's almost hilarious how most of the men react to Rose's show, while gravely underestimating her brains, just because they come in a pretty package. I completely understand Bella's hate for Koshmarin and it is very satisfying to see him in pain. He will be even more determined to kill her now that she has humiliated him. Giving away that she speaks Russian was not a good idea. It would be great if they managed to get Carlisle out.
7/15 c32 2muchtrouble
Fantastic chapter. Our girls have many skills.
7/15 c32 Savannah77
Great chapter with great last line!
7/15 c32 5Live720
Yasss! Go Bella, you kick his ass!
This is all just getting intense.
I loved Masen's response and interactions when the guards were insinuating he fucked Rose. Just the entire cover up and secret relationship between Bella and him is so sexy. I have a dreadful feeling that Aro is going to take things too far with Bella when Masen is around and Masen may not be able to control his anger.
Looking forward to what's next and appreciate you and your talent. Thanks for writing!
7/15 c32 1EdwardsFirstKiss
Go Bella!

I hope they tell Edward of their plan to extract Carlisle because Aronov is going to think Edward was behind it and it's t won't be pretty for him.
7/15 c32 kneon
I can't wait to see what happens next. I also can't wait to see how Koshmarin explains his injuries. every chapter gets better and better. I can't even imagine what's going to happen next with getting Carlisle out, the party in townthen the final takedown.
7/15 c32 fla.polo
This was huge! I was anxiously waiting! Well, so much going on… all leading to a terrifying point! Can’t wait for it! Thank you so much for sharing your spectacular talent!
7/15 c32 MK543
Glad to hear Cullen will get extracted.
7/15 c32 demmy1124
Great chapter! Loved the interaction between Bella and Masen, Rose's subterfuge with the housekeepers, and Kaius finally getting it!
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