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2/22/2023 c46 im4rk
This story was so well written! I love your attention to detail and the storyline was incredible! Well done!
2/22/2023 c46 2loveybunnies
Wow, what a RIDE! Thank you so much for sharing this with us and giving me a great story to distract me from real life! I love this one, the action, intrigue, romance, and attention to detail that you put into each and every story you write! The level of research you do and the knowledge you have is amazing and truly appreciated. I feel like I just watched an entire season of La Femme Nikita or the movie Atomic Blonde. I know that some people may not relate to Bella being an assassin, but I willingly suspend my disbelief and judgment because I loved the story, and we all know that someone has to take out the bad guys. Why not a woman, right? I am really glad that they were able to complete the mission and also take out a few extra monsters that were not part of the original plan. I love that Sacha was the link that provided the knowledge they needed to get the mole AND take down Aronov's operations. I don't know which is scarier - the fact that these types of people exist or how we covertly handle the problems they create. Either way, the violence did not bother me and loved reading about badass Bella and her team. Just wish there was more! Maybe a sequel with a new mission? I would love to see the team work with Edward officially. Thanks for sharing this amazing story!
2/21/2023 c45 2loveybunnies
Well, glad that Carlisle seems to be heading, and Esme has figured out that Victoria was the mole. I honestly forgot about her since I think she was only mentioned once in the beginning! So they have new targets, and it looks like they're going to Greece!
2/21/2023 c44 2loveybunnies
Wow, that was one of the most intense chapters I have ever read. I was a little worried about Rose because it could have been a cluster for her if she hadn't been able to overpower Felicks, but she pulled it off! I wasn't sure about Markovsky, but I had a little inkling that maybe he would prove useful, so I'm glad Bella didn't kill him after all. I'm a little perturbed by Edward shooting Aro because that was Bella's job, and she deserved to get the kill. However, she showed much more mercy and compassion for him than he ever deserved. I am worried about how seriously Bella is injured; thank God Jasper and the team are there, hopefully with some medics, to get her to a hospital! Man, what a story...I hate its ending, but I am anxious to see how you wrap up all the details!
2/21/2023 c43 2loveybunnies
Gah, I can't wait for Aronov to be dead - brutally dead! A bullet would be too good for him! He really is a psychotic bastard, but I am so relieved to see Edward and Rose are currently alive. I want to know what exactly went down from the time Bella was in the pool to this moment. Did Aro really suspect that something was off? Was it Markovsky? Did Kaius' rantings finally trigger something in Aro and cause him to investigate? Why didn't Edward stop her from being locked up in the dungeon of evil? OMG, I have so many questions, and there aren't enough chapters left! Lucy, you got some 'splaining to do!
2/21/2023 c42 2loveybunnies
Oh, holy shit! WTF happened between the time she went from the gym to the whirlpool spa? Felicks is obviously part of this. Somebody let Kaius out, and where the hell are Rose and Edward?! I mean, did Markovsky tell Aro what he knows or did Kaius finally get the words out and tell Aro what he suspected about Bella? If he turned the cameras on in the pool, did he also have them on in the gym, and in Rose and Bella's old room too? How long has he been listening? Or, did someone on Esme's team betray them directly to Aro? Oh man, this is not looking good!
2/21/2023 c41 2loveybunnies
Dodged another bullet there, with the drugs kicking in just in time. Gah, I can't for this to go down so that she doesn't have to keep playing this disgusting game with Aronov. I don't want this story to end, but I want to know who the mole is, and I want Aronov to know who Bella really is!
2/21/2023 c32 boopgirl
While I am loving this story, I do wish the translations were in the body of the content where the conversations take place.
2/21/2023 c46 helenemc
Great story! Enjoyed it very much.
2/21/2023 c46 sullysnonna
This story, the knowledge of warfare and weaponry expertly woven with love between deadly assassins. Well written, and in my opinion should be made into a movie. Mr Robert Pattinson this would be an incredible role for you! Dear author thank you for sharing your imagination and talent with our Twilight fandom. I encourage you to keep writing. You are truly a gifted artist! Bravo!
2/20/2023 c46 1twilight4life08
Ahhhh I need a sequel.
2/20/2023 c46 Pattigirl23
Wow! This was an amazing story and your writing is fantastic! Thank you for sharing.
2/20/2023 c38 2loveybunnies
OH. MY. GADS. I honestly thought that Bella was going to have to let him take her! That was just gross to read, and thank GOD Edward managed to bang on the door before that happened! So, the shit finally hits the fan now - how are they going to explain how an unconscious man walked out of a secure compound and WHO helped set it up?
2/20/2023 c37 2loveybunnies
Wow, that was a pretty productive meeting! Two homicidal maniacs down, infinite numbers to go! I am a little bummed that they didn't take out Kaius, but I hope that Bella gets to do that herself! Oh, how I wish that Aro and Shasha could watch her do it; that would be priceless to see how they reacted to Bella as a cold-blooded assassin! I would have loved for Edward to throw her one of his guns so that she could have taken out Kaius right then. Or maybe it would be better to have Kaius watch her take out Aro first and let him be really scared. Oh my, you have turned me into a raving lunatic, but I just want all of these men neutralized! And the fact that Aro shot Ali without the silencer so everyone could hear the shot, and now wants Edward to drag him through the dinner party...I mean, that is just fucked up! So glad that they got Carlisle out, but I hope they are able to get him out of the compound - sounds like he needs a medivac. I hope they get out of there safely! Oh boy, I can't wait for more!
2/18/2023 c46 NeeNee246
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