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2/18/2023 c46 Tiskit
I realized that I forgot to review! My bad. I have thoroughly enjoyed this story and I will definitely miss these characters. Sometimes I pounced on the new chapters as soon as they landed in my inbox and at other times I waited several days to read, eagerly anticipating the chapter, but wanting to savor it at an opportune time. It was a wonderful, satisfying ending. I hope our couple enjoys their vacation; they deserve it! Thank you so much for sharing this story with the world! :)
2/18/2023 c7 sullysnonna
I'm thoroughly impressed at the amount of research for this intriguing story. I'm embarrassed to say I'm getting a hell of an education to boot. Outstanding! I'm hooked!
2/17/2023 c46 EdwardsVampTramp
I LOVED it, but so sad it ended.
Edward made the right call in letting the crew go. Same thing with rescuing the girls that were with Jovan.
Their team is phenomenal... now, if only Spooky would give in to Whitlock! ;)
Thank you!
2/17/2023 c45 EdwardsVampTramp
Aaaawwww...Dayan has the doggies?! That makes me so happy!
Now that Carlisle is back, glad to see the playful Esme emerge.
Time to go hunting, kids!
2/17/2023 c44 EdwardsVampTramp
I had a feeling either Markovsky was playing for the other side or he would do something to help Bella since he's fond of her.
I'm glad they spared him because I do like him. :)
2/17/2023 c43 EdwardsVampTramp
Oh Feliks... I hope Blondie puts the hurt on you!
2/17/2023 c42 EdwardsVampTramp
Oh man...she is in trouble. I forgot about the cameras, too.
I'm so freakin' nervous!
2/17/2023 c41 EdwardsVampTramp
Those pills are nasty. Damn!
2/17/2023 c40 EdwardsVampTramp
Talk about intense!
I somehow don't think Kaius is in any condition to answer any more questions. Especially about finances he knows nothing about. :)
2/17/2023 c37 EdwardsVampTramp
That's one fine pissing contest!
2/16/2023 c36 2loveybunnies
Oh, that Kaius is quite the saboteur, setting up Bella at every turn and playing Aro's frenemies to eliminate her! What a merry band these creeps are! Each one is worse than the next. Sad that Markovsky is sometimes sympathetic, kind of like a Russian Grandfather. I'll be a little sad when he dies. Maybe.
2/16/2023 c35 2loveybunnies
Well, the evening is moving along nicely, considering all the sucking up Bella has to do and pain it is causing Edward. I wonder what surprise is coming to Bella?! Anxious for things to move forward on the extraction and to know that Carlisle is safe!
2/16/2023 c46 TheGreenPanther
Another good one. You always give such detail!
2/16/2023 c32 EdwardsVampTramp
Good, give Kaius a taste of his own medicine.
2/15/2023 c34 2loveybunnies
Love Crazy Ali's performance in the spa, wonder what the heck she popped into her mouth? Edward feels like he's taking a big risk sneaking into the spa and being even more reckless by trying to have sex! I mean, I love it, but I worry that somebody is going to catch them!
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