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2/12/2023 c32 PreciousJuls
Love when Bella kicks some ass! Cauis got his balls handed to him. Lol
2/12/2023 c46 Guest
Naughty of me not to review each chapter, but since I read in 1 day, too hard to stop after each chapter. Another amazing story!
You know far to much about military and weapons to be a civilian, but it's so damn interesting, I won't think about it.
2/12/2023 c31 PreciousJuls
There are times where I think Damn Aro is so sweet, loving, and even attractive then BAM! You make a sadistic asshole. Lol
2/12/2023 c1 CoppertopJ
Yeah, you got me. I thought it was Edward behind the gun. I'm in.
2/12/2023 c1 TwiFanfictionRecs
The Cleaner has been nominated in the poll to find the Top 10 fics completed in January on www . twifanfictionrecs . com
2/12/2023 c25 2loveybunnies
Holy f-ng shit, I can't believe he got her off and then stuck a gun in her throat! I thought maybe he knew more than he was saying, but after watching her shoot, maybe he really didn't. GAH, thank God for Alice's little mystery pills because sleeping with that monster would have been way too much to read. So, Bella has some fast talking or truth-telling to do now, and fast!
2/11/2023 c22 2loveybunnies
Well, at least Carlise is alive, although, as Bella noted, it's going to take a team to get him out of there since he's in such bad shape. I knew Edward was protecting him somehow, but I am surprised that Aro would leave the compound knowing that he was down there. Who is taking care of him? It looks like he must be constantly monitored to be kept alive the way he is. Why is Aro allowing it when he could just kill him and send his head to Esme like he wants to? And who is the mole on Esme's team? So good! Now, the need to get back INSIDE the castle! Whew, this story makes me so anxious, and I love it!
2/11/2023 c21 2loveybunnies
Well, all the players are going to be together at the villa this weekend - how convenient! The fact that Aro is sending Edward to Greece is timely, but does he have an ulterior motive? And why does he keep pushing Edward to send Esme a message? I am afraid that he's going to make him kill Carlise if he's even still alive. And they did NOT get to talk, and I had hoped they would share more truths. Now Edward may not be back in time, and the situation with Kaius sounds serious. Would Kaius try to kill Bella in Aro's own house without his permission? I hope that she and Rose take a little field trip to the winery tonight to see what exactly is going on there!
2/11/2023 c24 Guest
First, your knowledge of bombs/weaponry is slightly unnerving.
Next whatever game Bella is playing is fing scary.
2/11/2023 c26 PreciousJuls
Can I just say that I love that Bella kicked E's ass! Lol. I know he's hurt but yeah he wasn't expecting that.
2/11/2023 c24 PreciousJuls
Bella was in her element of course that turned Aro on. Lol Can't wait to find out what's going on with Masen.
2/11/2023 c20 2loveybunnies
About damn time these two have a REAL talk about what is going on. It's obvious Edward is working on some sort of plan, but how complex and wide-reaching, and with whom is the question. I think they need to just disclose and see where the chips fall. They could have the same goals. And if they don't, it will be a hell of a fight! But I have a feeling that there really won't be much progress, given how guarded they both are. Aro makes my skin crawl, and I don't know how she could even pretend to like him, let alone let him touch her!
2/11/2023 c19 2loveybunnies
OH Shit, again! So she's been caught in the act with Aro, and Edward is not happy. Both because he knows how dangerous Aro is with women, and she didn't listen to him, and he's jealous! So, Kinshasa is ground zero for what is about to happen, and she's now seen more than probably anyone outside his inner circle. He's becoming bolder with her, and she's going to have to do something soon.
2/11/2023 c18 2loveybunnies
Soooo, Aro is being much more open with speaking in front of Bella and Rose, and that is definitely not good for them! The more they know, the less likely they will be able to leave alive, as you said. And just what is Edward doing slinking off to the empty winery? Is Bella going after him? GAH, I want to know what is going on, and I want them to finally talk about why Bella is there - maybe they can help each other!
2/11/2023 c17 2loveybunnies
Oh, Shit, they know that the guard is missing, and Edward is already suspicious of Bella. She may be complicating his life at the moment, but we don't really know what angle he is working and what his endgame is either. Steamy, hot pool sex would have been nice, but now they've been cockblocked by Bella having to kill the stupid guard. Geesh, will they ever get a break? And does Edward somehow KNOW that she's involved because he certainly seems suspicious!
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