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5/8 c22 bittenbyedward1918
I don't think I breathed this whole chapter. That was so scary and exciting all at once. I loved seeing these two badass women get a little play time. So awesome.

Did Edward have to cut Carlisle's finger off? I bet that killed him and definitely explains why he was so freaked out last chapter. Wow.
5/8 c27 Tiskit
A lonely, creepy man. I just kept thinking “ick” in my head the whole time I read this chapter. Masen, Bella, and Rose need to continue to be extremely cautious because there’s no telling what Aro might do at any given point, especially if he senses anything suspicious. You do the creepiness well, Kate! :) I’ll be sad to see this story come to a close.
5/8 c21 bittenbyedward1918
This makes me so nervous! Of course she's not going to behave herself!
5/8 c20 bittenbyedward1918
Yes, it's time for a conversation! I love this story. I haven't ever read anything like it.
5/8 c19 bittenbyedward1918
Is it weird that I really liked this chapter and hearing about Aro's past? I can't imagine being in Bella's shoes having to let him touch her and kiss her like that but this chapter made him feel a little more human. I bet Masen is going to be pissed!
5/8 c27 x AnneCullen x
Aro is a creep. I wonder if Bella will have to use Alice’s pill more than once. Looking forward to next chapter.
5/7 c18 bittenbyedward1918
Oh where is Edward heading off to? Is Carlisle there in the compound? I'm enjoying this so much
5/7 c17 bittenbyedward1918
Good god they are so hot together. I'm nervous now!
5/7 c27 Kimmie50
Bella is getting better, I guess you'd say, about letting Aro touch her and kiss her. But, to me, it makes my skin crawl. Lol

I'm ready for some action and more lovin from E and B.
Will Edward and Bella talk more about what she does and planning? Maybe include Rose too?
Thanks for updating!
5/7 c15 bittenbyedward1918
Coming back to review this one. I love the conversation with Edward. I'm really starting to think he's actually a good guy. I want to know why he's still there and what's going on and where is Carlisle!
5/7 c16 bittenbyedward1918
Yes I love seeing Bella in action! How long before they figure it out though! Now I'm very worried for her!
5/7 c14 bittenbyedward1918
So good. I think Edward is still deep undercover and is trying to get Carlisle free. Or he is playing a deep deep game. Love it!
5/7 c27 meepison
I know Bella was able to pull one over on Aro this time, but she is playing with fire. This dude is seriously creepy. I’m hoping it’s getting close to the time to take him down. Great chapter!
5/7 c13 bittenbyedward1918
"Try me, and we'll see"

Good lord Masen is sexy. I love how calm and confident he is. I think Koshmarin is going to be major trouble.

And that kiss at the end. These two are on fire. The UST between them is off the charts.
5/7 c27 polyphany
Love it! ;-)
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