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1/9 c39 Moltz
How close will they come to not getting either Edward or Bella out of this mess?
Hopefully Eli’s instincts will help him send a team in to aid their escape.
For some reason I feel that Aro will live to through this take down of his empire.
1/9 c38 Moltz
Edward’s timing is impeccable.
Did he know what could be taking place because of Aro’s normal rigid schedule?
He probably thinks the worst right now.
What kind of signal can Bella give him that will assuage his ire?
The storm has hit and the damage will be catastrophic.
How will the ladies and Edward survive?
1/8 c37 Moltz
Halfway through the extraction.
I have this uneasy feeling that Edward will somehow become Aronov’s enemy because someone learned of his physical relationship with Bella.
The empire is crumbling from within.
1/8 c36 Moltz
Did Kaisus set Ali up to fail by giving him the impression Bella was available for him to do as he pleases?
Bella’s right to think this opportunity is perfect for using Aronov to remove people so her team doesn’t have to.
1/8 c35 Moltz
Another step closer to freeing Carlisle.
Bella would make the perfect partner to Aro if only her perception of life were as twisted as his.
The anticipation is amping up.
1/8 c34 Moltz
Slowly the pieces are falling into place.
Edward’s warning about family before all else to Bella is something she needs to heed where Aronov’s brother in law is concerned. He plays the role of adviser and father well . To the point Bella may create a soft spot for him.
Alice is a hoot in her over the top performance of money and arranged marriage.
1/8 c33 Moltz
As Bella ingratiates herself into Aronov’s family circle, she is also risking the wrath of retaliation when the revelation of her true identity and purpose becomes exposed.
1/8 c32 Moltz
Ella needs to inform Edward of everything she just her Kaius say in that phone conversation.
Then they need to present something to Aro as a reason to remove him permanently.
Rosalie was brilliant in taking the time to inform the staff of extra curricular activities with Edward.
That saves both Edward and Bella from being targeted as traitors to Aronov.
1/8 c46 2NKubie
This was amazing! It's no wonder so many people were insistent that I read it.

I'm sure a ton of research went into this, but just the way your mind works and what you research is fascinating. Also, the fact that this was unbeta'd and still so well-written is incredible! Thank you for sharing your intelligence and talent with us regular people. Am I mistaken, or is the Assistant Director still alive? That traitorous bitch! Sequel maybe? Yes, please! I look forward to whatever you decide to share!

Stay safe and well!
1/8 c45 NKubie
Just as I thought: Masen fits seemlessly into the organization.

Stay safe and well.
1/8 c44 NKubie
That was very exciting! Well done!

Thank you for sparing . Markovsky! And like Bella, I almost feel sorry for Aro. Almost.

And I'm sorry Oleg had to die.

Rose's reactions were classic and I think Masen is going to fit right in!

Stay safe and well!
1/7 c43 NKubie
This does NOT look good! At least Aro thinks Masen is under his control. Idiot!

i would love it if Markovsky was there to help them out as well, but that might be too much to ask for.

I'm also pretty sure Rosalie isn't going down so easy.

Stay safe and well!
1/7 c42 NKubie
Oh shit! I'm not surprised that Bella was eventually found out, but I'm really shocked that Kaius is still alive.

I'm also worried about Rose and Edward. Yikes!

Stay safe and well!
1/7 c31 Moltz
The cat and mouse game between Bella and Aro is becoming more complicated.
1/7 c30 Moltz
Does Edward get caught slipping out of Bella's room?
She mentioned the storm of things to come.
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