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2/8/2023 c7 2loveybunnies
So we have some pretty heinous criminals here, and Bella and Rose are putting themselves right smack in the middle of them. Aronov is a monster, but it sounds like just taking HIM out may not be enough. The serpent has many heads, and who knows what else is going on. I know one of the goals is to find out what happened to Carlisle, but it almost seems like taking down Araonov ASAP is the most important issue. The whole heroin thing also adds complications... it's just a cluster! I love when Eli shows up and teases Bella! Glad she threw out the comment about his wife. I was going to ask if he is married in this story too! Still holding out hope that there is a good reason that Edward went radio silent and isn't responding to requests for information...I know you have a plan!
2/8/2023 c6 2loveybunnies
Interesting that Edward was a little perturbed about being called a "bodyguard" - it's not like he was out for a jog dressed like that (and carrying a gun to boot). He's obviously tailing Bella, and she's not stupid, but does he know that? I mean, they're in VIENNA - "spy central" - and he works for Aronov so it makes sense that she naturally assumes he's muscle, especially after their night at the opera and how many people surrounded his boss. If Edward's handler was Carlisle, is there a chance that he would know who Bella is because of her connection to Esme?
2/8/2023 c46 32drotuno
This was brilliant. I devoured every word. I'm glad I was able to binge it on my own pace because there were moments that I needed a break from the anxiety. LOL

Awesome job! Thank you!

Mooches, Deb ;)
2/8/2023 c6 PreciousJuls
Yes! I love that El'azar from OPERATION: Break the Dawn is in this story. He was one of my favs in the last story. The way he would flirt with B was so funny. Glad he has some kind of role in this story!
2/8/2023 c4 PreciousJuls
OMG. I am freaking loving this story. They are so BA and Mason is mysterious and sexy!
2/8/2023 c46 Orchids and Lilies
What an amazing story it was!
It kept me on edge most of the the time.I loved it! I'm gald I waited to read it until it was complete, since I'm not good with suspense and would have lost my mind waiting for next chapter between updates!

Also it is admirable how much effort you put into details with all the languages, cultural information and other stuff, it truly made the story all the more interesting!

I loved all the characters and this Bella was awesome! Thanks for a great story!
2/8/2023 c1 1DMBSJB18
I was hoping Bella was the cleaner. I love bad ass Bella’s
2/7/2023 c2 PreciousJuls
Glossary would be better in the beginning. I think I would understand the conversation a little better while reading.
2/7/2023 c1 PreciousJuls
Looks good! I can't wait to dig in :))
2/7/2023 c46 PINKSAPPHYR
Oh I'm so sad it's over. I've loved this story so much! It was thrilling, quite terrifying at times, and so captivating. You are so good at creating suspense, weaving gripping plots and telling stories that tear your guts out...
Any chance you can give us more lovey-dovey scenes? I want to see these two enjoy each other a bit more after all the blood, mind effing and violence ;)
2/7/2023 c46 DamnPrecious0329
Damn, that was an amazing read!
2/7/2023 c46 5booklover2314
Definitely worth a read.
2/7/2023 c46 LMBB
This is one of the best things I’ve read in ages. Thanks so much for sharing. I have to admit that I waited for it to be complete because the level of angst it was giving me was too much to handle! Will definitely come back to this again.
2/7/2023 c5 2loveybunnies
So, Bella Swan's dad was in armaments. Is that part true or cover? That is an interesting angle for Aronov. I wonder what he's thinking. and what his true interest in Bella is now? Hoping Edward is in deep cover mode; he's obviously curious about her, but is it to protect his boss or on s personal level? They are both probably equally suspicious of each other!
2/7/2023 c4 2loveybunnies
Love the crossover bit and that there is the possibility of cooperative allied support once again for our heroes! As usual, your details are impeccable! Can't stop reading!
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