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2/7/2023 c4 2loveybunnies
Love the crossover bit and that there is the possibility of cooperative allied support once again for our heroes! As usual, your details are impeccable! Can't stop reading!
2/6/2023 c3 2loveybunnies
OMG, I am just so excited by this story. I knew it would be set up perfectly, as always! I was a little confused that DEVGRU made Edward Masen a Russian agent (the GRU confused me) but good to know that he WAS Seal Team Six. I hope he isn't a traitor! Esme is so calm and collected - her husband is missing and presumed dead!
2/6/2023 c2 2loveybunnies
I read the first chapter of this story when it was posted, but I KNEW I would not be able to handle waiting for updates, so I stopped because I also knew I was going to love it - I mean, DUH, you're writing it! But tonight, I couldn't help myself, and I had to start again even though it's still not actually complete. I need something like this right now, and I can't wait to catch up! I LOVE IT!
2/6/2023 c1 5booklover2314
You've drawn me in with the first chapter. Looking forward to the rest of the story.
2/5/2023 c46 6callmepagliacci
Clap clap!
2/5/2023 c46 sue1zide
Great story. Thank you for sharing it.
I truly appreciated and enjoyed the information you provided at the end of each chapter. Things like that enrich my journey in the process.
I wouldn’t be opposed to a futuretake. Hint, hint.
2/5/2023 c42 sue1zide
The way that Bella is always talking about Rosé’s looks and body it seems like she’s either jealous or wants to be with her. It makes her look like she has no self esteem. I would think that with all of her training she wouldn’t act like it bothers her.
Shit’s going to hit the fan. Besides Aro seeing them on video was he able to hear them too?
2/4/2023 c46 Knit Bit
I love this story so much. The writing is just- I can’t even describe it. So visual, and real. My gosh, a few chapters were hard to read, waiting for the update but my Lord this was a thriller. Thank you, for sharing. Thank you, for your words. Fantastic story.

2/3/2023 c46 23Fyrebyrd
Ah and here we are at the fantabulous end. What a story, and man, if I were only a tenth as worldly as you, I'd be pumped. It really was an amazing ride, and thank you for sharing it!

I'm probably a little bit of a masochist, and definitely not the norm in this fandom, but I think I'd have loved to have read her going all the way with Aro. Doing it out of obligation, knowing who he was and how evil, and yet still enjoying it because she can't turn that shit off. Bwahaha, not that that's the way it would've gone had you taken it to that level, but in my mind, that's what I'd have loved. And I know you could've made everyone in this fandom feel just like her bwahaha.

Thanks again :)
2/2/2023 c46 nebfan51
LOVED IT! Learned a lot also :-)
2/2/2023 c46 everlong21
Much love to you for the writing of this fic. Thank you!

The research and knowledge into the background fabric of the story was always so impressive. I know I marveled more than once, about the languages and the geography, the cultures and the espionage.
I loved how it ended, with Masen as the frogman he is, to go tie up loose ends, then swim up to her on a yacht in the ocean, with an explosion on the horizon. Perfect :)
2/2/2023 c45 Fyrebyrd
What a team
2/2/2023 c44 Fyrebyrd
will E be joining B's private firm?
2/2/2023 c43 Fyrebyrd
Bye bye Feliks
2/2/2023 c42 Fyrebyrd
well that started off so innocently lol
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