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2/2/2023 c41 23Fyrebyrd
Welp, that gives us a definitive end date for this mission
2/2/2023 c40 Fyrebyrd
2/2/2023 c39 Fyrebyrd
Ready to kill them all and get the fuck back to the farm
2/2/2023 c38 Fyrebyrd
saved by the skin of her teeth
2/2/2023 c37 Fyrebyrd
Lol, I don't suppose we're going for murder charges
2/2/2023 c36 Fyrebyrd
I'm with Bella, Misha killing him might be fun.
2/2/2023 c35 Fyrebyrd
eager to see Carlisle rescued and the shit to hit the fan w/E, B, and R.
2/2/2023 c34 Fyrebyrd
So many risks
2/2/2023 c33 Fyrebyrd
Interested to see what goes on in Florence
2/2/2023 c32 Fyrebyrd
i love badass B!
2/2/2023 c31 Fyrebyrd
she seems too lucky in the not really sleeping with him department
2/1/2023 c46 alaskangirl1974
Holy shut i spent 4 days reading this! I couldn't put it down!
2/1/2023 c30 Fyrebyrd
Ready for the storm
2/1/2023 c29 Fyrebyrd
I'm surprised he hasn't taken her other than at night as it is.
2/1/2023 c28 Fyrebyrd
Uh huh
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