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2/1/2023 c27 23Fyrebyrd
I have already been thinking of him finding out about Masen.
2/1/2023 c26 Fyrebyrd
2/1/2023 c25 Fyrebyrd
2/1/2023 c24 Fyrebyrd
curious what he learned
2/1/2023 c23 Fyrebyrd
I'm surprises Esme hasn't called it in and had the place leveled otw to save her man
2/1/2023 c22 Fyrebyrd
Yep, talk, talk, talk.
2/1/2023 c21 Fyrebyrd
If these two would just spill, which ofc is a scary thing with these lethal mofos, they could just kill them all and do the slow-mo walk away from the flames behind them lol
2/1/2023 c20 Fyrebyrd
2/1/2023 c19 Fyrebyrd
2/1/2023 c18 Fyrebyrd
2/1/2023 c17 Fyrebyrd
Hot, hot, hot!
2/1/2023 c1 Anna2022
I've finished it 5 mins ago. first of all how the hell this is not a book?! Call him Edmund, call her Frella and you have a bestseller I would buy in a blink! to give my comment a structure, I will number it1. When the girls went undercover, I felt like I lived all the momentous with them. The need to remind myself that this is only 2 girls and not 4 was constant. The evolution of Bella from a rich girl to "moya dorogaya" was just mind-blowing. Rose's flirty ho and hard ass drill surjent gave me a whiplash.

3. I truly loved Misha, felt sad for him and understood him. He was not just a villain, he was a complex person with many sides.

4. Sasha was great and i kind of expected him to be the villain non villain he turned up to be. If that makes sense

5. I loved thestony Edward" nice transfer from vamp to human.

6. Spooky was a riot in my book! i loled so hard every time she entered the scene.

7. You just about killed me with the dogs named Jake and Sam.

8. Withlock and McCarthy were great support characters, they were out of thescreen" most of the time but always present.

9. The death of Aro was a happy and sad breaking point. The gentle good bay from Bella was a bit of hart breaking.

10. Wishful thinking, i would've loved to read Spooky/Withlock, hale/McCarthy stories. I bet they would be as gripping as this great book! And in my definition, this is a book!

And after a" chewed you're ear off" I'm moving to the next book you wrote with giddy anticipation.
2/1/2023 c16 Fyrebyrd
Oh, he may be missed!

So, now I'm wondering if B didn't catch on to E and his trinket thing? Also, to tweak my theory, now I suspect E was sent to take out Carlisle; therefore, he made it look like he killed him, stashed him away instead, and is using that, and all his other killing acts, to cement his place with Aro.
2/1/2023 c15 Fyrebyrd
onward :)
2/1/2023 c46 sandalyn05
Loved, loved this story! I couldn’t put it down!
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