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1/31/2023 c8 24Fyrebyrd
B's a kindred spirit, so even if he doesn't know that, something is drawing him in.
1/31/2023 c7 Fyrebyrd
I'm surprised they're all camped out in that hotel room. It feels risky :)
1/31/2023 c6 Fyrebyrd
Not knowing what E is thinking or up to at all is my fave thing lol :)
1/31/2023 c5 Fyrebyrd
Damn, I totally missed the nod to Aro until it was spelled out. Bravo :)
1/31/2023 c4 Fyrebyrd
I wanna make an early guess as to what's going on just to see if I'm right later. Maybe Carlisle is being held prisoner because bad guy made Edward, but also knowing how badass he is, he decided to make him work for him, hence all the dead peeps being returned.

So, we shall see. Thanks :)
1/31/2023 c23 sue1zide
Bella isn’t the only one that has that icy feeling. This sent shivers down my spine.
The last chapter had me beginning to question their safety and the plan.
Watch out, something big is coming.
1/30/2023 c46 Reinbeau
Love the detail of you're stories!
Thank you for another great read.
1/30/2023 c46 Just Sus
I want to say that this was one of the best FF's I've read in a long time! It had intrigue, drama, great characters, and even love. I admit it was brutal, but the brutality was needed to carry out the story. I do have to say that I cringed every time Bella had to be intimate with Aronov, and I felt sorry for Edward having to play along. But in the end, it was worth it! BTW, how did they get to use his yacht? You should continue with these characters and write more of their adventures! Great job... thank you!
1/30/2023 c46 me and my edward
Such a well written story! I hope this crew has more adventures we can tag along with!
1/30/2023 c3 Fyrebyrd
I love complicated, intriguing missions :)
1/30/2023 c2 Fyrebyrd
That's some swanky digs! Can't wait to see what part E plays :)
1/30/2023 c46 1Alice's White Rabbit
That was a truly satisfying ending to this whole mess!

1/30/2023 c1 24Fyrebyrd
Gonna give this a go. This was a good start and I look forward to savoring it. Thank you :)
1/30/2023 c46 Nicoconsd
Thank you for this wonderful wild adventure! I've loved every min and can't wait for the next one :)
1/30/2023 c45 1Alice's White Rabbit
Well, Kate, I finally got to read this last chapter, and what a great story this has been! As always, thanks for sharing your amazing stories with us.

Looking forward to whatever you may come up with next. Thanks!
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