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1/29/2023 c46 katiej1
I just want to say thank you for writing such a
fantastic, wonderful, intelligent, intriguing and sexy story. This past year was not the best for me personally. Having these chapter updates from you over the past few months has really helped take my mind out of real life . Thank you for welcoming me into your amazing world. Until next time
1/29/2023 c17 sue1zide
My first thought about the bathing suit was that when it gets wet it becomes see through. Lol
1/29/2023 c46 Kimmie50
I'm late in reviewing, but I read this a couple of days ago. I held out as long as I could. Lol
You know I can't express how much I loved this story. The anticipation for each update. The action, romance, drama, the edge of your seat reading through each chapter. Gah!
I'm going to miss this story and Bella and Masen. I truly hope a sequel one day or outtakes.
Thank you so much for sharing this one and I'm looking forward to what's next.
1/29/2023 c46 simplynothingtosay
Explosive ending! I’ll be on board for
your next voyage!
1/28/2023 c46 robertsbella2
Amazing story enjoyed every word.
1/28/2023 c1 ExBficLover
Loved it! Great plot and characters. Action packed!
1/28/2023 c9 sue1zide
I have to tell you that I am enjoying this tremendously.
I love when it’s used as a teaching tool.
I thank you for your time that you put into this. Also thank you for sharing your talents freely.
I’ve been reading fanfics since the first Twilight book was released. I literally spend anywhere from 10 to 20 hours a day just reading these stories. I’m lucky that I’m able to do that. I’m a retired, disabled teacher that absolutely loves to read. I guess it makes sense, since my field was English Literature, the reading part.
I do have a question. Wouldn’t Edward be able to have info on Bella? I mean that she was able to find out some things about him so why couldn’t he do the same?
1/28/2023 c46 1Messy Bronze Hair
Damn! Now this was a good story. I read the whole thing in one go!

If I could change anything in this story, then it would probably be Aros death. He deserved a painful and tortured one! Bella was way too sweet to him before she killed him. It would served him right if both Bella and Edward threw their relationship in Aros face!

The second thing would probably be the moments with Bella and Edward! I would have liked a little longer story so we could she what went on directly after Aros death and how their relationship bloomed after that. But I know that you made it clear in the beginning that this wasn’t going to be that kind of a story. But I guess a girl can dream!

Anyway, thank you so much for sharing this story and I hope you keep writing and share your imagination in future!

Lots of love,
Messy Bronze Hair
1/28/2023 c46 LOLO 5-0
Your stories are amazing.I will enjoy re-reading it again & again!
1/28/2023 c46 nickiChristina
Oh man that was such a great story! Thank you!
1/28/2023 c46 vickigoesroar
I’ve been reading this over the last year and have loved every moment. An utterly thrilling ride. I so hope you return to these characters at some point. Looking forward to whatever you write next.
1/28/2023 c46 lmb1
Thank you for such an incredible story.
1/28/2023 c7 Anna2022
sorry, i have to. toda raba- thank you very much. toda- thank you.
kapara is an offering to forgive sins on yom kipur we do use it like a gentle nickname but it's far from darling.
saeret matkal has nothing to do with mosad like no way is a captain of saeret matkal can be less then 45 and then go over to mosad. im a former oficer of the idfim sorry for being a nag. the story is great by the way!
1/28/2023 c46 PuzzlePerfect9
Awe man I’m so so as this story is over! I loved the ending though, especially the bits with Edward and Bella. It was such a good story!
1/28/2023 c6 Anna2022
so far I love this story! It's very well written!
as a native hebrew speaker i have to pointneshamameans soul and and usually its when you get angry at someone and you want to be passive agresive , neshama sheli- my soul is in fact loving and caring word for someone close. . . darling is "yakira".
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