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5/7 c12 bittenbyedward1918
It's a rainy afternoon here and perfect for reading! I'm worried for the girls. Aro is letting them hear too much. He's not going to let them go.
5/7 c27 simplynothingtosay
I can’t believe I am writing this:
I reaaaaaallllly enjoy a full chapter of Aro.
I’m feeling a bit for Aro. He’s a horrible monster but could he be redeemed? Could he have his own fic someday?
5/7 c27 Daisy Grace
As charming as Aro tries to be, this chapter just upped the creepy factor. The guy is so on the razor's edge of going postal. It's like walking on egg shells. Bella needs to keep it together. I don't know how she keeps her cool. Well done.
5/7 c27 mysticfighter111
Aronov is a predator and Bella can slip him little pills only so often. Tgevway he held her throat was creepy.
5/6 c11 bittenbyedward1918
oh shit! carlisle's actually alive? does aro have him as a hostage?
5/6 c27 22beegurl13
Holy cow... Okay, you just had to go and make him seem like a wonderful guy, I mean, if you can overlook the horrible, homicidal maniac, worldwide organized crime king that he is. :) Bella's got her work cut out for her with this job. :D
Let's hope Spooky packed some more pills for bedtime, otherwise I think Masen's gonna have an issue with Bella shacking up with Aro for the night. :D
5/6 c27 Cullenosopy
I hope Dr. Spooky she has more of those yellow pills. And maybe a few other flavors along with some poisoned lipstick. Bella will have taken the antidote, of course. Of course I keep wondering whether Aroligula is wise to her to some degree. Bella has depleted uranium balls! KILL THE MUTHEREFFER!

Thank you!
5/6 c27 MK543
Mmhm, well, Ms. B is okay, I guess, unless Mr. Aro desires some afternoon delight! Yikes. I do think she & Edward have a plan, so I'll let you get to it! Thx
5/6 c27 demmy1124
I shouldn't read your work at baseball game. "All right then, apparently, I was an amazing lay" made me laugh out loud. I'll take squicky Aro in exchange for all these awesome chapters. I don't have to stick my tongue in his mouth!
5/6 c27 Mrs.Cullen620913
Can’t wait for the next chapter! When are they rescuing carlisle? When are they taking aro down?
5/6 c27 everlong21
How is Bella going to manage this with Aro, in his own house? She won't be able to keep him off her, and she won't be able to be with Edward either.
Not sure what the status update is on this mission but I can't wait to see how Bella's crew and Edward might all work this out together!
5/5 c10 bittenbyedward1918
They are fire! Bella is playing such a dangerous game and I don't know what to make of Masen yet. I'm enjoying this story so much.
5/5 c27 PuzzlePerfect9
Oh interesting. Not where I thought the next chapter would go. I really hope they take him out soon! I also can’t wait for another debrief with rose.
5/5 c9 bittenbyedward1918
Oh my god! This chapter was amazing. Bella REALLY is a bad ass. That fight scene was so exciting. You right action crazy good. On to chapter 9! One more before bedtime!
5/5 c8 bittenbyedward1918
I can't believe Aro said that to her! Oh my god how did she not punch him in the mouth! The ending was hot! Masen is so mysterious and dark but I think he has met his match!
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