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5/5 c27 cbmorefie
Thanks for the update!
5/5 c27 frostedglaze
This is going to be gory, but I hope Bella peels Aro's skin off for threatening her.
5/5 c27 4Halo221
I know I'm crazy but I appreciate the nuance you give Aro. It's a bit painful because we see the injured person under the refined mask, but yeah, rehabilitation isn't an option here. Also, yuck. I could never do what Bella does. Bleh.
5/5 c27 ashiana
Great chapter! Alice's little pill has done the trick and Aro suspects nothing..
5/5 c27 AnakinSmom
The more we learn about him the more he makes my skin crawl and I want to be the one to end him.
5/5 c27 trg
Wow. The suspense is killing me but I will wait patiently. I would love an off shoot of what Edward is thinking this morning after his revelations last night. I think Bella had him at "the Opera". Great writing as usual. Thank you for sharing with us.
5/5 c27 luvyateamedward
We are weaving a dangerous web. He is crazy. LOL! Now when he says he will get rid of these other mistresses what does he consider Rosalie? Is she in the category or will she be left alone or made to leave? Great writing! Can’t wait for more!
5/5 c27 Guest
5/5 c27 Teamrob2
5/5 c27 MadMooey18
I can’t wait until that bastard is slowly skewered. Then if Mason is still around than I hope that he and Bella can ride off into the sunset. I just love your writing.
5/5 c27 GorGirl
I hope she has more of Alice's lille pills.
5/5 c27 1EdwardsFirstKiss
I think offing Aro is going to be harder than Blla initialky thought. Proceed with caution!
5/5 c27 traceybuie
Bella seems to be putting on a stellar acting job with Aro. I hope she can keep it up. Thanks for writing and sharing.
5/5 c27 bluevolvic
Hahaha! The comments of her killing him with the gym and running XD I laughed out loud!

He’s so bloody scary and I dunno how she manages to keep her game up…she’s good! He’s obsessed with her now though so it’s becoming dangerous, and if he finds out about Edward uh oh!
5/5 c27 KatHat4
Ugh...every second she spends with him...letting him touch her - kiss her - tell her these words of endearment is just...blech. Every word, every second spent in his presence is just cringe-worthy. He definitely has a deadly vile mind, but does he actually train and work out to be able to put strength/actions behind all his threats? I mean, if she can be a equal match to Masen, is Aro even a physical concern to her? ugh. Maybe when he "takes her to bed" she can permanently take his ass out. Can't wait.

You are amazing!
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