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4/12 c4 JustARead
4/12 c3 JustARead
Oh shit
4/12 c2 JustARead
4/12 c1 JustARead
The way it was Bella was not expecting that
4/6 c46 13arthemys
Awesome fic, I binged it in 3 days ;) I loved this badass Bella, this troubling Edward, and what a villain you wrote with Aronov! That was truly a wonderful work! Thanks !
4/5 c46 mrsvixter
great fict
loved it
well done
3/31 c46 saintfudge
Great story glad I waited for complete so I could binge it ..thanks for sharing ..the character names did drive me nuts trying to remember who was who ..thanks again have fun
3/30 c46 ndhrhhd
omg! i love this story so much! i hope there's sequel to rhis story haha. thank you for the great work!
3/29 c46 snickyj
LOVED THIS! I was so excited to see that this fic was completed AND that you started another one. I love your characters and stories so much. THANK YOU!
3/29 c46 MetteKrebs
Really great read, you sucked me in from the very beginning and had me feeling i was part of the action. You did a great job with mixing the Russian into the mix, just enough not to annoy, and I really like your translations and explanation at the end of each chapter. Thank you for sharing
3/26 c6 1the fat cats meow
I am loving this story and loving that it’s in Vienna. I’ve been twice and I loved it. So beautiful!
3/25 c1 saintfudge
I have had this on my Alerts waiting for complete ..and must have missed it ..I will see you at the end ..thanks for sharing have fun
3/23 c46 Talk
Brilliant. Up there with my all time favourites, and now I shall go read another one of yours.
3/20 c46 marigold123
Wow! I couldn’t put this story down! I loved the way you wrote these characters…drama, action, suspense and romance…plus blood and murder. I almost felt sorry for Aronov…but in the end he got what he deserved. Thank you for writing.
3/18 c46 2Clumsy Bedo
Also finished this one. Hot damn.
1. I listened to Me and the Devil by Soap&Skin (for Operation: Break the Dawn it was Hope by NF btw) which fit somehow perfectly with the tempo and theme of this story, at least in my mind.
2. I'm suffering from 'I am delusional enough to think if I train a lot I could be as fit as they are' hahaha so yeah it's inspiring me to get back in shape and finally pick up Krav Maga or something like that. So thank you for that
3. I'm so glad that I stumbled upon your stories. I love your writing style and how you flush out the characters. So overall thank you, I'll start reading the next one immediately. Glad to see there are a couple left but I'll probably reread this and Operation: Breaking the Dawn.
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