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6/22 c31 Trg
I am very afraid
6/22 c31 Marymary123
why do people need your time line? Just write a Heck of a good story. What more can we want or ask?
6/22 c31 PuzzlePerfect9
Oh god knowing he thinks he hurt her and the killing Gianna… so scary for her. I hope she gets out soon!
6/22 c31 cullengirl1983
I knew last chapter's intimacy wouldn't last. You know as creepy as he is, I kinda love reading these Aro scenes. He's fascinating and charming even while he's terrifying. Maybe that's it. He's so terrifying because he can do awful things with no remorse but then be so engaging and romantic afterward. It's like it's nothing for him to swap. As always, great writing. I love this story and Bella is amazing.
6/22 c31 KTNCullen
Ok! that wasn’t as bad as I was preparing for. Lol! But man, he is a scary mother f*cker isn’t he?! What did he think he did to her?! Also, Poor Gianna!
Let’s hope all those bugs do what they’re supposed to and Bella never had to really seal the deal!
Love this, even when it makes me squirm. ;)
6/22 c31 luvyateamedward
He is getting more obsessed the further we go. Which can be really bad or good maybe depending. Great writing as always! Can’t wait for more.
6/22 c31 joshuasmom131
I hope they kill aro and soon, he needs to go! Great chapter! :)
6/22 c31 tinie432
I enjoy your story telling and appreciate your time. Thanks for the update.
6/22 c31 ellekat08
I’m scared for Bella, I don’t know if she’ll be able to keep drugging him because in his mind he has done some serious stuff. Just letting him touch her it’s awful.
They need to act sooner than later.
Thanks for the update. :)
6/22 c31 Luvvykitty
I NEVER WANT THIS TO END! It’s that good! Thanks x a million for the update!
6/22 c31 sherylb
Really hating on Aronov! Want him to pay for his crimes.
6/22 c31 Karandash86
The tension is killing me! I don't know how Bella can stand being so close to Aronov. I can't decide just how much he suspects, or if he's too blinded by his obsession with her. Either way she and Masen better be careful. Aro is going to go insane when he finds out.
6/22 c31 Bevey99
Good chapter. B's becoming a great actress. Thanks for the update.
6/22 c31 2muchtrouble
Hoo boy! Bella should be given an Oscar for pulling that off.
6/22 c31 Guest
Bella better kill this bastar soon, otherwise things will get messy
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