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1/5 c17 Moltz
Edward recognized the signs in Bella and is aware of some level of training. He’s taken risks on her behalf.
He won’t address the subject directly.
Bella has to be extremely cautious now.
1/5 c16 Moltz
How is she going to dispose of the body without Aro and his team figuring it out?
Can it be disguised as a rival looking for a way in ?
Did Edward sweep the room where Rose and Bella are staying?
1/5 c15 Moltz
The walls are gradually closing in around these two highly trained operatives. Let’s hope having Masen there is an unexpected benefit.
Bella laid down the gauntlet and Aronov is very willing to pick it up , accepting the challenge.
What is it Edward has positioned himself to do?
So Edward is sending Esme the trinkets. Is that to throw her off balance or to ensure she knows Carlisle is still alive somewhere.
1/5 c14 Moltz
Each step into Aro’s life is closer to a death sentence.
Is Edward getting sloppy?
1/5 c13 Moltz
Oh boy, they just had to go there. The draw was more than they could refuse.
Now Edward is going to be at even greater odds with Aronov.
1/5 c12 Moltz
The ladies are in deep.
Their cover may not last long if Bella continues to go off script.
Masen is juggling more than he expected when Rose and Bella arrived.
1/4 c11 Moltz
The team has new intelligence regarding Director Platt's husband.
They've seen Mr. Masen in action and learned that Aronov doesn't renegotiate.
1/4 c10 Moltz
Mr. Masen is becoming attached to Bella. His protectiveness is confusing not only her but himself as well.
At least the other half of the team was successful.
1/4 c9 Moltz
Was Bella's attacker random or he was sent to kidnap her?
How is she going to explain her recent activity? Why would she explain? She owes Mr. Masen no such courtesy.
Hopefully Emmett and Alice were successful in their reconnaissance mission.
1/4 c8 Moltz
Edward has figured out that there is more to Bella than she's portraying.
Likewise, Bella just told Edward she is suspicious of his actions as well.
Aronov is just arrogant enough to possibly let someone in that might mess up his business, but he has no qualms about permanently removing any impediments.
1/4 c7 Moltz
Eli has come to the rescue with intelligence that no one else can get.
Bella on the hunt will be interesting.
Let's hope Edward doesn't interfere or become suspicious and set her team up for failure.
1/4 c6 Moltz
Edward is the king of vague.
He didn't answer one question posed by Bella?
Love the cross over of Eli's character.
Was Edward warning her of Aronov's visit or the fact that she grabbed his attention so spectacularly?
12/22/2023 c23 2NKubie
If Bella is worried, I'm REALLY worried! I just hope that Bella gets a chance to tell Edward that they're on the same side before the shit hits the fan, because I know it will eventually.

Stay safe and well!
12/15/2023 c22 NKubie
Awesome, not awesome! I'm glad it's been all but confirmed regarding Edward's loyalty to Carlisle. I'm not glad that poor Carlisle is being held captive and tortured within an inch of his life. Now I can't wait to find out how Bella communicates this to Edward. Another reason that I'm glad I came to this as a complete story. Stay safe and well!
12/13/2023 c21 NKubie
The notes got cut off for this chapter, at least on the app, though maybe there were none this time.

I'm pretty sure that Edward is figuring out that he and Bella are on the same side. Or at least not on Aro's side. It's becoming apparent that neither is Edward.

Stay safe and well!
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