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2/2 c16 JentheBaker
Holy crap! What a ride! I was on the edge of my seat the whole chapter. Good Lord, I love it!
2/2 c16 PuzzlePerfect9
Loved it! Excited for more!
2/2 c16 acw1
2/2 c16 pnkats
Man I don’t know about Bella but I’m exhausted just reading all that she had to go through in this short trip!
2/2 c16 2Hazelnut4o6
Ooof. I thought for sure Edward was going to show up. Great, how is she going to hide this damn body? Shaking my damn head. Whitlock is gonna be piiiiiiiised.

I’m surprised Rose wanted to out them to Masen though. Also a little worried that Aro has picked up on their mutual interest. Edward has no poker face when it comes to her. Sucker.
2/2 c16 Guest
Thank you for posting chapters so soon.
I can barely wait each time to keep reading.
2/2 c16 kelmoore
Loving this story, just like all of your others! I can’t wait until Bella and Rose get their revenge on these guys.
2/2 c16 cullenmeadow
Tense, very tense! Thanks for update :)
2/2 c16 GorGirl
She had to do it. I hope she makes it back okay!
2/2 c16 4BilliCullen
Okay, my blood pressure has come back down to normal now! I thought perhaps this story was about to take a turn,I know only you are capable of writing!
Gah! Is it next week yet?
2/2 c16 Dinkyp
Loving this story. Thank you. I’m hoping Carlisle is still alive. I’m sure they will find him.
The only thing I would like is the translations in the text rather than the bottom. Reading on a phone and scrolling up and down to read what’s been written makes the flow tricky. Thank you again. I love getting my emails of updates.
2/2 c16 3c cullen
OMG, that was close! What made him come out there checking out the building? Particularly in light of the impending storm! Looking forward to more.
2/2 c16 7Lizzie Paige
Oh, my! I don’t think I took a breath the whole chapter. So intense, and so bloody good. I’m not at all concerned about the lack of Edward time. We needed this chapter to show us what’s going on behind their interactions., to show us how Bella operates.
You know I love this so much, but I swear each chapter is getting even better. Thanks for sharing your talent with us. :)
2/2 c16 3alice-the-writer06
Another amazing chapter! Can’t wait for another update from you. Also, I’m with Bella… I’m dying for Masen to know the truth!
2/1 c15 CinnamonKitty
Another awesome chapter...and I'm still riveted! Thanks for sharing this incredible story with us! I look forward to each new chapter!
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