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for and my waves meet your shore (ever and evermore)

12/9/2021 c1 MichAre1a
This was great! It felt really true to their characters!
11/30/2021 c1 GwynbleiddD
I'm loving your oneshots! Your depiction of Faye is so accurate, so believable. Honestly, most fics I read this isn't the case. Keep it up!
11/26/2021 c1 5yatozai
This is what I wanted for these two at the end of the showI love how your stories are all my imaginations of these two and what should have happened haha
11/11/2021 c1 Mai32
I just finished re watching Cowboy Bebop and I am just looking for closure lol. I'm not a Faye and Spike shipper but Spike and Julia are not it either.
You did a nice job with the dialog and channeling the emotions of the last few episodes. You constructed it very well in my opinion. I'm glad I read it.
Thank you.
11/7/2021 c1 Please
Do write more fix’s, old chap! I think that with a little refinement, you could be an excellent one shot writer. The snapshot was nice but since you are writing something rather than taking a picture of it, why not go into a little more detail about the events leading up to their little spat? The actual fight was very good. Faye seemed flustered and angry, but still a thinking human in love that she believes is only partial. Spike was making excuses on the whim, he’s taking a little time to answer, making him seem like a real person instead of machine telling rushing to tell Faye that he loves her, even if he does show it. When Spike loves you, you’d know it.
Thanks, Author!
11/7/2021 c1 HapEGAL
This was so sweet and gave me all the feels. I also think that Spikes love for Julia was of an idealized version of Julia. She was an escape for him during his darker days.

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