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for Arch Mage, the Path of Magic

5/12 c25 dfpepper50
I am truly loving this story. Your interpretation of MAGIC is absolutely phenomenal.
Tonks discoveries and grasp of wandless magic is just what I hoped for.

Waiting for the next chapter and the growth of the story to come.

5/6 c25 JustAnotherReader533452
I wonder if harry will be able to use the firebolt in a better/different way with his own brand of magic
5/6 c25 ulttoanova
I absolutely loved this chapter, I loved harry and tonks. I don't have much else to say other than I look forward to then next chapter.
5/5 c25 LadyPhoenix68
Considering they can live well over 100 years and we have at least 2 characters in the books 20 or more years older than Albus (Madame Marchbanks and the historian) and there are about 40/year for hogwarts. 3000 could be correct but that is a really really small gene pool and a doomed one considering most of the sacred 28 are only children meaning population will be almost half in next generation.

I hope that it is much larger or Britain is doomed.
5/5 c25 39Goosefire
Loved seeing Nym ask the 'right question'. I look forward to seeing who Harry might date when older: Hermione, Daphne, Tracy, or perhaps Luna or even Astoria. Go with it.
5/5 c25 Silverdragonstar
Harry! It's fun to see him at home as well. The whole sneaking out will be an issue I'm sure. Potter luck
5/5 c25 Smutley Do-Wrong
westermarck effect

Psycho babble ology in such fields leans a bit more into pseudo science, IMO.

SO I'd expect web searching results can vary [human or AI scewing, or popular mob opinion blowing in latest wind direction], shifting
opinions over short time periods, & good to assume to take with bucket of salt.

Two examples related to this sort of "knowledge", which by now may be buried, or perhaps surfable without much searching.

1] Claims of 1st or maybe was 2nd cousins, being more sexually attracted [claim I think years ago, was statistically, more children in such unions than any other less related].

2) Cultures with arranged marriages, where at young age, the future spouse [think generally was the male], is sent to be raised by future inlaws. Years later, these "sibling like raised", are married.
Supposedly the westermarck effect is strong. In somewhat common comedic honeymoon hijinks. Parental units bar the door, demanding the reluctant/squicked-out couple, "couple".
5/4 c25 Tuckersdad
great stroy. i like your take on harry potter. in my opipion your give jk a run for her money. please continue
5/4 c25 Cateagle
A fun chapter that still advances the plot a bit. 'Twill be intereseting to see Harry's visit to Beauxbatons and what reactions taht generates.
5/4 c25 mike3308
Tonks is doing well at her exploring how to do wandless magic.
5/4 c25 Aspect of Stories
Love the JJK reference
5/4 c25 fortinpatric
Merci pour le chapitre
5/4 c25 Guest
Love the new chapter, wonderful job on writing it.
Can't wait to see what will happen next.
5/4 c25 Guest
loved the scene with Tonks
5/4 c25 Rebell 01
Overthinking and personal Interpretation of magic. Sounds like a Revolution.
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