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for Arch Mage, the Path of Magic

3/26 c13 Guest
Great story and all but why is the update so slow especially when you already have chapters in patreon. Please update faster
3/24 c13 Drag7
Why doesn’t Hermione have a birthday invite or at least send best wishes or something?

By far my favourite of the stories you’re currently working on. Too bad the release rate is molasses. I’ll have to check back in two years for Harry’s next year.
3/24 c9 Drag7
Thank goodness the long cringy poem casting wasn’t serious.

So far I’m liking Daphne much more than vague background character Nym.
3/24 c3 Drag7
Definitely one of the most interesting uses and methods of magic I’ve come across in a HP story. I like where this is going.
3/24 c1 Drag7
Some interaction between Nym and Harry growing up would have been nice. At least enough to show they weren’t strangers and Harry a complete shut in.
3/21 c13 steve.moore.9081323
More please
3/15 c13 Sommerscave
Thanks for the chapter definitivly Love how Harry toyed with that photographer maybe IT will make him learn a lesson Hope Harry Masters the 'dark' and 'light' Magics Soon by realizing that Emotions can Power Spells and also be empowered by Spells... Which is rather Bad If one only Uses lets say the torture Curse or something Like it.
3/15 c13 ja3419
Sirius is the perfect godfather for this sort of Harry.
3/14 c13 jimmy.oz
great chapter, keep up the good work.
3/13 c13 2Xerzo LotCN
Welp I'm glad he got to duel and it was fleur and they hit it off well
I mean maybe when he waifus her she teach him or he can figure them out by seeing her train lol

Curious why he didn't detect the super dark book that give off a obvious presence

I was curious why no Dobby lol
3/13 c13 gwb620
Excellent chapter!
3/13 c13 2mwinter1
Awaiting more
3/13 c13 jackseaweedjackson
A great chapter and a great read! Loved the interaction between characters, and the fact that even without his shields on, Harry’s image willpower is still as strong as cannon. Great writing and can’t wait for more
3/13 c13 Uchicha ASHU
Nice chapter!
Harry winning the tournament was not surprising nor him having a duel with Fluer having read your other story already.
The whole bookstore scene was hilarious with Harry calling Lockhart a twit, turning the photographer’s lens black which will cause problems for him and Sirius encouraging Arthur for punching Lucius. Sirius never fails to goad Lucius given the opportunity.
Looking forward to read about the next year especially with him not having any prior information due to Dobby not appearing.
Thanks for the chapter!
3/12 c13 fallendemon248
Well maybe right now fleur wont teach harry but who knows maybe in the future she'll show him a bit
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