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for Arch Mage, the Path of Magic

5/13 c12 hamprince
Wouldn't it make more sense to need qualifications like the OWLs and Newts to be eligible for a mastery?
5/12 c14 Whynot213
i mixed the update and postind date up on my last review sorry. I enjoyed this chapter aswell.
5/12 c15 Whynot213
Im honestly dissapointed that it seams that you have given up on this fanfic. I enjoyed it alot I surpose i will favorite the story anyway.
5/12 c15 11stars90
That was awesome! But you're not gonna keep him from saving the rest of the Greengrasses... right?
5/12 c15 jimmy.oz
great chapter, keep up the good work. really was great how he healed daphne and now can do the same for her family.
5/12 c15 Ironcoil
Another great chapter! Love the current interactions between Harry, Luna, and Hermione and really look forward to seeing how it evolves as they get older. I also like how you did the Malediction treatment and how although he was able to cure it there was still a challenge to it and a greater challenge to come. Thanks again
5/12 c15 alsdjhfgljkwebgh
Oh man, if only anyone had any idea what was happening. If only it didn't take you so long to write these that people have to reread this crap every chapter. What a joke. Not worth the wait at all.
5/12 c15 Uchicha ASHU
Great chapter!
Harry being able to cure Daphne’s curse is not surprising but him able to do so in such a small amount of time sure is.
Glad to read that Harry has not changed his pranking habit with him getting one up on Daphne and the Slytherins.
The fact that Harry can so easily cure the petrification could be both good as well as bad. Good because this will mean no need to keep everyone petrified till end of school which will decrease the fear overall but bad because this could mean Tom takes more fatal steps.
Looking forward to read more on how does Harry reacts to the dairy and the basilisk.
Thanks for the chapter!
5/12 c15 Guest
Will be interesting to see what Harry makes of the Diary, and also the basilisk.
5/12 c15 AnimeFan13579
Gee I would think if Harry were to make any mention of the two marvels of healing magic he has achieved he might get another award for it. Especially if he could transcribe a way for a regular wizard to do some of it by wand. The curing of petrification could potentially be done by a single regular wizard. But I would assume it would take two or three to perform a magical surgery to remove a curse like Blood Malediction for regular wizards. There would have to be a completely separate spell maintained to hold the roots free after all. This method of surgery may also be applicable for other types of family line curses.

As for upcoming stuff we'll if Harry ever runs into the book he would immediately realize something is off and potentially evil about it if uses his mage sight. As for the Chamber itself. I really don't see it staying hidden for long. Since the teachers will likely know of his ability to see magic including the passages hidden within Hogwarts. I would imagine they would have him do a full sweep of every room throughout the castle. Until now one reason for him not to have found it previously is because it was in a GIRL'S bathroom. I don't think Harry would have ever gone into one normally unless there was an emergency. Considering the one entrance involved a vocal command and causes parts to separate and move. That would be a rather extensive amount of magic hanging around the sinks of one bathroom that isn't seen in others.
5/12 c15 fallendemon248
At this rate Harry is gonna have more titles than daenerys from GoT lol.
I can already imagine how this conversation is gonna go
"HARRY! HOW DID YOU UNDO THE PETRICATION?! " Dumbledore asked calmly
"It's what I do. I tell my magic to do something and it does it." Said Harry with a smug look
5/11 c5 nightwing27
too bad we never see the final battle of dumbledore and grindlewald because the assholes from warnermedia pull the plug on the final 2 movies and people who didn't go the movies
5/11 c2 nightwing27
I choose ravenclaw in hogwarts legacy
5/11 c1 nightwing27
good start I'm glad he won't stupid like ron lol
5/11 c15 fortinpatric
Merci pour le chapitre
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