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11/25 c4 SMB
I knew you were going to keep Izuku as a pussy, despite having Jason's memories. What was the point of writing this if you didn't change Izuku's personality for the better?
He should have been more confident and owned up to not having a quirk, BECAUSE HE DIDN'T HAVE ONE LISTED ON THE QUIRK REGISTRAION FORM, MORON!
He's supposed to be PROUD that he made it into hero school without a f**king quirk!
You've lost all my respect for denying the actual premise of the story, which means you lied. Reading this was a waste of time.
11/10 c18 KaiFudo
11/8 c18 arispuffer
That was so awesome a read,

Thank you very very much for the story. I wish you best of luck in the NanoWriMo

Stay safe!
11/7 c18 SonicMax
I like when izuku interacts with the others. It's been a while since he's hung out with mina even though he lost an arm for her lol
11/7 c7 arispuffer
I guess reading the last chapter didnt really let things sink in.

Reading this chapter was hard, really hard but I some how made it to the end

Thank you so so much for your stories
11/7 c1 arispuffer
I forgot which story I was reading and was throw for a loop when Izuku entered

This looks so awesome thank you so muh for thr story
11/6 c18 2SpicyArbiter
I eagerly await the next update, excellent work
11/5 c18 Blaze1992
Right out the gate two different style of heroics shown.
Hammer: up front in your face combat with a lot of CD and risk towards others health if you're not fast enough with the takedowns, even then it's a 50/50 shot.

Ghost: quiet and calm maneuvering that let's take down a few without raising an alarm or damage to areas around you.
11/5 c18 6DragoonKnight Agnim
so they are now on the rescue training, something they missed for the Provisional License exams. ow the improved Midoriya has met both Night Eye ( Jasons dark humor actually worked) and Mirio who now a small part of Izuku is about a copy, clone or even child of all might. cant wait for him to meet Nejire and then after being barraged of questions he acutally calls her Star Fire, (as both are peppy, float, full of questions) and then what would happen
11/5 c18 1Bagrat
Fantastic chapter, and an incredible milestone for the anniversary! I'm genuinely impressed.

Thanks for the update!
11/4 c3 WildFreedom
Dude if you're not gonna change the dialogue or story then why the heck does this exist? This is barely any different from the source material, any differences that do exist don't go anywhere. Where are the big changes that result from Izuku's new mindset and actions? New character interactions should be abundant when such a drastic change has been made to the MC. Sometimes the memories seem to completely alter how he thinks and other times it's like they barely make any difference at all. Don't be afraid to write your own plot because this is just the same basic slog for the some hundredth time.
11/4 c18 shukkets
11/4 c18 bzrker1
yee still enjoying the story can't wait till your next upload keep it up
11/4 c18 B127
Thanks for the schedule heads up.
11/2 c5 VastoLorrde
Izuku sucks...A cry baby sighsss
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