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8/13 c14 Guest
You know when you do get to Holy Grail War. I kind of want to see Saitama and Herakles have a fist fight. I recall how Herakles is called the most manly character in Fate. I feel like the fight between the two would be pretty manly, considering Saitama is in the progress of growing stronger.
8/12 c14 4Monster King
Awesome work
8/10 c4 Anon
Will Saitama go bald like in canon?
8/8 c14 dakcloak
Excellent chapter, looking forward to your next release. And don't bother with tgminecraft18's comment. Just another opm fan that cries when only Saitama appeare in a cross-over work, without caring about the work itself.
8/7 c14 Guest
Ignore that idiotic wall of text. It's just an obnoxious douchbag that talks out of his ass.
8/7 c14 Guest
I saw that wall of text in the review section and it is not a criticism at all and don't bother reading it. It's not helpful and it's just a guy ranting out of sheer stupidity.
8/7 c14 Abraxxas
tgminecraft18, That... This is... probably one of the most dumbest criticism I have ever read on this fic?
No story? What, you don't know how to read? The monster are defeat too rapidly? I hope you do realise that most monster or criminal(exemple in this fic: the rogue mage) generally wouldn't survive one episode or chapter in OPM, right? Actually, you do know that most of the thing you said negatively is exactly what also happened in OPM... right? And no, they don't need to reach 'important people' for this monster problem, because most of these 'important people' come from -or are relate to the Clocktower, who have the harsh policy to kill the civilian who witness the 'fantastic'.
Seriously, your whole review feel like a 'YOU' kind of problem, because you are butthurt that there is not more character on the side of OPM than Jirou being Saitama!
8/7 c14 Journey to the End
Bazett's reaction to the ridiculous things in OPM is wonderful to see. The way that Electric Fan Monster delve into its own backstory is just hilarious. XD
8/7 c14 tgminecraft18
I like this story. But I have plenty to complain about. First and foremost, the pacing is too fast, and there is hardly any significant plot development. All the events that have occurred so far can be summarized as follows: Saitama talks to a girl. A monster appears. The girl fights the monster and almost wins. However, the monster grows stronger/survive and nearly kills the girl. Just in time, Saitama appears and defeats the monster. Like, seriously, monsters or an organization of mages? Doesn't matter. It all goes down the same path. They are introduced, and they do something bad. They have been defeated. And then they're done. They do not reappear, and they are not used for any specific purpose. They might as well not have existed. Not only that, but they can be replaced by anything, and it will make no difference to the story because there is no story. Now, my next point is that this is becoming repetitive. Come on! There haven't been any significant differences when it comes to monsters. They have all been of the same variety. Strong, punchy, punchy. With a gimmick or two? Here, I'll provide you with a list of different types of monsters from OPM with Examples next to them: - Strength (Boros) - Speed (Awakened Cockroach) - Toughness (Bug God) - Martial Arts (Garou) - Blades (Royal Ripper) - Regeneration (Phoenix Man) - Multiplication (Black Sperm) - Mechanical (Machine God 05) - Transformation (King Orochi) - Psychic (Psyckos) - Beasts (Overgrown Rover) - Natural (Deep Sea King) - Special (Evil Natural Water) - GOD (Homeless Emperor) As you can see, there are various types, and it's not all just about being strong and punchy. These monsters possess various elements and skills. Additionally, a monster can be made up of more than one type. This brings me to my next point: not all monsters are silly. Sure, they might have a silly name, a silly appearance, or a silly backstory. The key word here is "might." Characters such as Boros, Garou, Orochi, and most likely God are taken very seriously. Their names, appearances, and backstories are all serious, with no jokes included. On the other hand, there are other characters, such as the Deep Sea King. While his appearance may seem silly, his name and backstory are not. Here's another example: Evil Natural Water Their name may be unusual, but their appearance and backstory are also taken seriously. Okay, one more. This, I believe, is my best example. Black Sperm, a character with a whimsical name, appearance, and mysterious backstory, might appear to be a total joke. However, his character is taken very seriously, and those who underestimate him face the consequences. (Are you looking down on him?) Also, monsters don't only come from humans. They can be born naturally, be aliens, dinosaurs, or even dogs or cats-any animal, really. Or, as OPM shows, they can even be in the form of water. Literally, anything can become a monster. And, as I've been saying all along, they don't have to be taken as jokes, but they also don't have to be taken too seriously. One more thing before I get to my final point. Everything so far has been a series of disconnected story beats. You can actually remove chapters, and it would hardly have any impact. You had something going with the Muscle Monster and the organization, but you threw it away faster than I could blink. Create a cohesive narrative where actions have consequences. That changes the characters even slightly. By now, they should be searching for the source of these monsters and determining if what the monsters say is true-that they transformed as a result of obsession. They should also be figuring out what the weaknesses of these monsters are. What works well against them? (Because clearly, what they've been doing hasn't been working well, except for Saitama.) Talking to important people, seeking their advice, and observing their reactions to the monsters (Because clearly it's not a secret anymore, If it ever was one) And those are just a few ways your characters can contribute to a more cohesive story rather than simply progressing from one scene to another. Finally, my last point is that this doesn't feel like a significant crossover. I mean, I guess it's a crossover, but it really lacks in terms of incorporating all the elements. For "One Punch Man," the focus is just on the monsters and Saitama. And as for Fate, it appears to focus only on specific characters and a limited part of the world. However, both series are not being fully utilized to their full potential. Here, I'll give you a couple of suggestions. Let's start with OPM. Since we have already discussed monsters, let's now talk about heroes. You can have these characters either as reincarnations or fusions (where two different characters are combined, such as Saitama and Emiya; I'm not quite sure which one you were trying to accomplish there). You can have Tatsumaki reincarnated as Tohsaka. So she can develop psychic abilities. That would be an interesting development. I suppose a similar approach can be taken for Sakura with Fubuki. However, you can also have characters who are simply themselves, such as King, Mumen Rider, and Sonic. Of course, they will be Adapted to the environment. Maybe King is just a gamer, Mumen Rider is simply a helpful citizen, and Sonic could potentially be an assassin, possibly of the Mage archetype. They don't have to play major roles; they can just make cameo appearances. But that's just to name a few. There are numerous characters that you can use to add more depth to this story and create intriguing scenarios, making it truly feel like a crossover. Of course, it's not just about the characters; it's also important to take into account the setting. You can incorporate elements from the Hero Association, where monsters have become publicly known and heroes are emerging and uniting. Perhaps we can introduce advanced technologies, such as robots and cyborgs, along with other elements. Moving on to the Fate series, I am not as knowledgeable about it, but it is possible for mythical creatures to start appearing in the city due to the anomaly. It is important to highlight the perspectives of other individuals in the city and their thoughts on these anomalies. As for the Holy Grail War, I don't know for sure. However, even though it takes place in the Fate universe, it really lacks elements from that world. For example, based on the current writing, one could easily argue that this world is simply a combination of the One Punch Man universe and characters from Fate. So, more elements from both shows should be included. Fate should be the predominant one, for obvious reasons. And we're done. Don't take this criticism to heart. I'm just here to offer you a bit of friendly advice.

P.S. I wasn't quite sure where you would look, so I sent it to your PM box and left it as a comment.
8/6 c14 Azatoth2006
gran capitulo...rinpreocupandose por saitama es que son buenos amigos

y encuanto a Bazet esta bastante bien trabajado su desarrollo de personaje.

no puedo esperar por mas
8/6 c14 Yorozuya Forever
Amazing chapter, you really capture the humor of One Punch Man. I couldn't stop laughing at the Electric Fan Monster talking about his backstory. Bazett's reaction to it made it even harder for me stop! XD
8/6 c14 Awesomeguy246
I loved the fights scene so much, it was very descriptive but didn’t drag on for too long. I don’t know how you do it but you manage to perfectly mesh both styles of Fate and OPM perfectly. You’re story is really good, keep up the good work!
8/5 c14 1SwarmingShadow
This was another great chapter.
8/5 c14 cherrypicker-001
if he runs on batteries then cant he be killed with a simple emp?
8/4 c14 1ssj3gohan007
Another brilliant installment! Great job! Well done! I love it! I am dying to know what happens next! :D
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