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for Pheromones ever after (Pheromones trilogy part 3)

6/8 c19 debb lavoie
Love this story!
6/8 c17 debb lavoie
6/8 c16 debb lavoie
6/8 c8 debb lavoie
Amazing how what Charlie did is Bells fault.
6/8 c7 debb lavoie
So sorry about your grandfather.
6/8 c3 debb lavoie
Such a great story. This part is coming back to me.
6/8 c1 debb lavoie
Reread, Maybe it was the last of the pheromones.
6/8 c1 debb lavoie
Reread once again. I do hope you will write more fanfiction in the future. Love your writing style.
9/11/2022 c19 Cknsw
Thank you for rounding out these characters. Wonderful prose from a true talent.
6/25/2022 c19 bluealpaca
I really enjoyed the trilogy. Thank you for sharing it with us!
6/25/2022 c19
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6/11/2022 c1
Pheromones Ever After has been nominated in the poll to find the Top 10 fics completed in May on www . twifanfictionrecs . com
5/17/2022 c19 Guest
Thank you so much you are one of the first authors that actually finish sequels
5/12/2022 c19 Cknsw
Awesome work. Loved the trilogy.
5/10/2022 c19 Shazzeer
He he, poor Alastair having to wrap his head around being mated and an impending wedding ;). And If Jake does chase Bella all around the globe to bite her sparkling ass… she would so bite him right back ;). Charlie and Sue… I expected her joining Charlie soon.

And yes , gimme all the Tanya and Alastair smutty things ;). Also would be fun if the Blog Vampires around the world branched out, like the succubi telling their story and tips about seducing mortal men ;)
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