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for Pheromones ever after (Pheromones trilogy part 3)

4/28/2022 c17 1Sox21
That was so sad with Charlie but it seemed fitting.
4/22/2022 c14 ChaoticH
Whew, intense.
4/17/2022 c17 fresh-BLOOD-was-drawn-2night
Ohh I loved that Bella and Charlie got closure. And the way you had them merge their power. I feel that Jan should be stripped of her leadership power and either killed or exciel.
4/17/2022 c17 traceybuie
That Lyndsey was an evil piece of work, wasn't she? Her and Caius both were, but at least she didn't lie and grovel when they were losing the battle. Ugh...
Thank goodness that our fighting crew only had part of the evil vamps left to deal with. Now they need to deal with Jane and any other traitors. grrr...
I'm relieved that Charlie got to apologize to Bella before he died. Bella needed that peace.
...What a great chapter that was well worth the wait... Thanks for writing and sharing. Looking forward to the decades long sex vacation for Bella and Edward... LOL
4/16/2022 c17 Twi-Holic68
RIP Charlie...even though he was kind of a jerk it was still sad. Can't wait for the epi!
4/16/2022 c17 Shazzeer
I’m so sad for Bella. But at least Charlie got to tell her that he always loved her. Now let them live in peace!
4/16/2022 c17 CoppertopJ
One of those loose ends has to be Jane. Torch her freaking ass! I was sad that she couldn't save Charlie but so happy that they got their closure. You truly wrote one hell of a last chapter for this story. It has been fascinating, entertaining, and a pure adrenaline rush at times. Well done. Looking forward to the epi.
4/11/2022 c16 Twi-Holic68
Ok first, I love the Pheromones Triology! Sorry I didn't review but I was too excited to the rest of it. I understand about being overwhelmed with RL so I won't put any pressure on you for the next chapter and Ii will try to be patient, lol. Hopefully I will see a update soon. Take care Twi-Holic68
3/23/2022 c16 Shazzeer
Good, bad guys dead. Just Lindsay and Caius for dead and Charlie to rescue ;)
3/20/2022 c16 CoppertopJ
Ding, dong, the bastard Livius is dead. I was not happy with Edward’s performance, but thrilled that Bella came through. Now, let’s get the two douchebags and end this once and for all! Hope things get better for you soon, girl!
3/20/2022 c16 fresh-BLOOD-was-drawn-2night
Sorry to hear that. Hope all is okay. Happy they worked it out. Can’t wait to read the next chapter.
3/20/2022 c16 traceybuie
That would have been an a 'too easy' battle if Edward didn't ALMOST ruin everything for everyone. I'm so relieved he snapped out of it, with Bella's help and the help of their powers. I can literally see him growing and changing during his run back to Forks and during the 'after battle' discussion.
Badass Bella held her own during the battle and during the argument, all while being loving and supportive to Edward. :)
Hopefully Edward will NOT repeat the same mistakes in the battle with Caius and Lindsey. But the group should be able to surprise Caius, since the 'cell phone' vamp was taken out first by Edward. That is a definite advantage. :)
Is the group going to take out Jane as well? Isn't she an enemy too? Hmmm...
Thanks for writing the great chapter and sharing it with us.
3/16/2022 c12 Shazzeer
Ha ha, Poor Alistair. But no choice with a mate like Tanya. Quite the ironic pairing but just perfect. But yeah, give me all the lemony godness ;)
2/27/2022 c15 traceybuie
The Logan family's death and it's 2 cover ups made me so sad. I would have puked two. I almost did just reading about it. shivers...
Now hopefully Livius and his small group will die painfully, slowly and completely in the next chapter. Side note...I really don't like Lyndsey. Ugh...
Edward is going to get yelled into the proverbial dog house by Bella. LOL He will hopefully learn just how strong his mate is. ;)
Thanks for writing and sharing.
2/27/2022 c15 CoppertopJ
Okay, the Logan family, while their deaths were heartbreaking and depressing, taught a valuable lesson and did serve a true purpose for Alistair. As for Livius...I am thinking they should remove his limbs and have him watch as they roast them over an open fire like chestnuts. ;)

But Lindsey...I truly hope you have one sadistic and horrific torture and death planned out for that bitch.

Great update.
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